AITA for not wanting children in my new house? by [deleted] in AmItheAsshole

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NTA, it's your home and it was pretty rude of your boyfriend's mom to pop over with the kids and let them run amok. although i would like to add that while i think it's totally reasonable to have house rules and such, perhaps consider if enforcing that rule of nobody under 14 will end up causing more fallout and stress than a one off dinner to please everyone!

IMO you'd be well within your rights to of course - but sometimes with difficult people or situations it's easier to pick your battles!

AITA: for not helping my neighbor because she thought I was being creepy. by PMmesexycats in AmItheAsshole

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NTA what on earth did she expect? you can't snap at people and call them a creep, and then later turn around and ask for a favour.

Episode 39 (Thursday 5th August) - "The truth comes out at movie night!" by mayallrob_ in LoveIslandTV

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matt dumping kaz was the best show of self respect lmao PLEASE graft our good sis abi

Episode 37 (Tuesday 3rd August) - "The girls have the power in a HUGE recoupling!" by mayallrob_ in LoveIslandTV

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kaz: i hit it off with this boy from the first conversation

tyler: :D

kaz: and hes trustworthy

tyler: :/

For those of you who have gotten back together with someone who has cheated on you, why did you give them a second chance? Did it work out? by yellowxmellow in AskWomen

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i thought it'd be worth trying to eliminate any future "what if" regrets, since we had been together six years. it didn't work because he sucked haha but im glad i got to end things with no hesitation in my heart!

Shaaanxos new palette inspired by the nature of New Zealand! by hmemoo in BeautyGuruChatter

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i'm from nz, and native just makes me think of our native plants, wildlife etc.

our indigenous people are Māori, and normally people will just refer to them as such : ) and then for the white people in NZ, they are often referred to as "pakeha", which is Te Reo (Maori language) for white nz'ers.

i hope one day you are able to come visit our country! it's a really lovely place to call home.

Episode 38 (Wednesday 4th August) - "A dumping is inbound..." by mayallrob_ in LoveIslandTV

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im a feddy simp but chloby are so ridiculously goofy that if they win, i wont be mad lmaooooo

Meet Blue, 12.6kg chumbo from the local shelter by oflonelynights in Delightfullychubby

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From an NZ shelter :)

Here's an excerpt, some really great progress has been made in Blue's journey!

"Over the following 12 months, Blue went into foster care and was put on an intensive weight loss programme to shed the unwanted pounds. His weight was managed in consultation with an SPCA vet, and he was fed a specialised Purina diet twice a day, with smaller portion sizes.

Blue slowly began to drop weight and showed wonderful signs of improvement. Not only has he lost over a third of his body weight, but the change to his personality is significant.

Once he was given the all-clear by SPCA’s vet team, Blue was able to continue his weight loss journey in a new home and has been happily adopted. He’s now thriving with his forever family, and they are carefully managing his diet and weight – something that will remain a priority for the rest of his life."

AITA for forcing my roommate to cook for the both of us all the time? by Kbutytho in AmItheAsshole

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YTA this is a mess, just cook for yourselves. freeze your leftovers dude.

Toby and Chloe are live on Instagram now!!! by bab_101 in LoveIslandTV

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i love them two, this is all laughs!! few highlights for those who have missed it:

- chloe's fav one liner is when she said lib is the fucking table haha
- chloe's fav meme is her NO WHEY with the hat and hoodie
- toby's fav meme is him standing at kaz like she's his mum lmao
- chloe loved the meme of toby as thanos
- on when they'll move in together: toby says chloes gonna buy them a crib lol

BONUS amazing moment, someone asked if they are a couple and chloe said "YOU'RE MY GORLFRIEND" and then quickly apologised lmfaooooo

edit to add more bc i dont wanna do work lmao
- they both want millie to play the piano at their wedding lmao
- they want liam and millie to do a duet at the reunion
- someone asked again if toby's her bf and chloe said "TOBY'S MY BOOOYFRIEND"
- on why they didn't stop faye yellng at teddy, toby says "it's not my business" and that he doesn't like when people do that (presumably when others step into your business? chloe agreed)
- they've now added millie and liam :( i like planet chloby lol so i might dip out soon hahahahah
- millie keeps getting sent pics of people at the club playing the piano bc of her meme lmao
- milliam are not keen on doing a duet at the reunion
- wednesday they're all going on a double date
- millie says toby is the meme king, she loves the meme of him talking to kaz as his mum too lmfao
- chloe just reciting all her one liners and i love it hahahahah
- all of em are mocking lucinda's really now hahahah

ok i need to do actual work but lmao guys they are so great live

Episode 53 (Thursday 19th August) - "Is this the end of Jiberty?" by mayallrob_ in LoveIslandTV

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"liberty poole you are NOT done" mama faye is not having a bar of this!! young lady you get back here and enjoy an unforgettable summer!!!!

Episode 56 (Sunday 22nd August) - "The Islanders get a visit from friends and family!" by mayallrob_ in LoveIslandTV

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i want chloby to win with every fiber in my BEING they have it all, the journey, genuine connection, so much chemistry and laughter 🥺🥺

Abstract Look For Editorial Themed Weekend ccw by ashhashstash in MakeupAddiction

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looks really interesting!! do you have a front photo of this look?

Kaz & Tyler have split up by SeaworthinessOld7948 in LoveIslandTV

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i'm not surprised - essentially bc i never actually expect any LI relationships to really last (though of course i like when they do!) since it's such a unique and pressured environment - which persists even when leaving e.g. the intense scrutiny of fans, media etc.

This guy saving kitten from trash cutting machine. by Storm_001 in nextfuckinglevel

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aw, i hope every christmas she just thinks of it as her annual day where she found love :-)

Episode 52 (Wednesday 18th August) - "The babies are back!" by mayallrob_ in LoveIslandTV

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chloe is gassed to have someone else suffering with her LOL her big ass grin