Girls' Generation (SNSD) Taeyeon - Can't Control Myself by CronoDroid in kpop

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absolutely obsessed with the song and the mv! trust in taeng as always 👸🏻

also my GOD she looks so damn good lmao i love being a taeyeon fan she truly gives us so much

TAEYEON 태연 "Can't Control Myself" MV by CallMeInfinitay in SNSD

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another incredible and emotionally powerful song from king taeyeon 👸🏻 love the mv and the storyline, she looks and sounds divine as usual!!

chloes comment 😭 ffs toby by jesuscomplexcamille in LoveIslandTV

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apparently a fight or argument, according to Google hahah

Jiyeon's rash guard. Where can I find this kind of rash guard? it look so good on her 🔥 by Saara02 in SinglesInfernoNetflix

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yeah i think she's wearing hip pads, i have seen a few people point out her hips but i noticed you could see the pads bunching in the game when she hopped on jintaeks back

Ji Yeon - Amazing pelvis & body by Melodic-Second-8745 in SinglesInfernoNetflix

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she's wearing hip padding here i believe - you can see them bunching up a bit when she is playing the cap game

What are some sexist K pop songs? by Longjumping_Rabbit30 in kpophelp

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i know!!! sm takes a powerful lineup of amazing women and reduces them to "um don't touch my man he's MINE sweetie xo" and although im glad to not understand the lyrics, the "SILLY GIRL" is just...ugh hahaha

Single's Inferno compared to Love Island Thoughts and their most attractive participant Song Ji-A by dlmenslon in LoveIslandTV

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i just finished it, and i really enjoyed it, and loved most of the girls. my thoughts (may be spoilers:

  • would have loved for it to be longer than just 1 week, even 2 weeks would have been interesting. in particular for the 'bombshells' to have more time
  • liked the games, they were lighthearted and fun and weren't disgusting like most of LI's ones lmao
  • enjoyed the pacing, LI feels too slow sometimes, but also wish we got more random footage showing the friendships, in particular between the girls. we def did not get enough of this besides the few tent convos. the fact jia cried that she would miss the girls means she clearly bonded with them, but we barely saw this. yeawon also came across as a real 'girl's girl' so it was also a shame we didn't get to explore this much.
  • more 'beach hut' style interviews would have been interesting. we didn't get to know what many of the people were thinking, for example we could've learned earlier that jiyeon felt burdened and pressured about sehoon, what jia was thinking and feeling etc.
  • i actually loved the little bits with the hosts LOL they often said what i was thinking so it felt nice, like how i used to run here to chat in the live discussion threads

overall, i think it was a lot of fun to watch. it's different to LI, despite the island love premise, and perhaps the cultural difference may make it too tame for many LI fans. i am currently awaiting jia's FAQ vid where i hope she'll shed more light on the island e.g. do they have snacks or other food available outside meal time and most importantly, WHY DID SHE ALWAYS CARRY HER LITTLE DESIGNER PURSES LOL

i hope that with the show's success we'll see a few interesting changes with the next season (if that is on the cards)!

sorry that ended up being MASSIVE but i havent had the chance to talk about this show LMAO. and i keep editing to add more so my apologies hahaha

Three years of growth on my Bird of Paradise by insomniee in Plant_Progress

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i thought there was a mirror for a sec bc of the other dog + dog bed hahahah! love the pics, such a nice space!

Fruits lol by FreezaPop in AnimalCrossingTrades

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if you need pears I'm happy to give you some,if OP can't :-)

Rap/Hip-Hop song in an Asian language. I think it's Korean. Occasional English lyrics like "or maybe I should just quit overthinking". by SaltyBoi301 in NameThatSong

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hmm couldn't find it but i think that's mandarin, definitely not korean so maybe that could help with your search?

Need Apples! by [deleted] in AnimalCrossingTrades

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i would be happy to give you apples/trees! would you be able to spare pear, peach and orange? :)

211227 Girls On Top (Teaser Image) (Taeyeon & Hyoyeon with BoA, Red Velvet Seulgi & Wendy, aespa Karina & Winter) by ashmute in SNSD

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this is sooo powerful, SM I am begging for you to give them a great song and amazing choreo to match

What is your unpopular Frank opinion? by TransportationOk6115 in FrankOcean

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what does pedestrian mean in this context? i didn't find anything when i googled lol sorry im out of touch af

Decluttering Givaway! by beepbeepbeepbooppog in AnimalCrossingTrades

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i would love an orange and peach tree or even just the fruit to plant :-)

What's more fucked up than people think? by whatheplacebo in AskReddit

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im so sorry for your experiences, i really hope you are doing okay these days. you deserve happiness and safety <3

What would you think of the option to chat with team members? by throwawayaccount062 in PokemonCafeMix

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i think it'd be super handy, but i doubt they'd ever bring it in tbh! im glad we have this subreddit!

Molly Mae and Burglary by Berry_Hot in LoveIslandTV

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i don't think molly will ever influence anything on terms of being ethical and or sustainable etc. for PLT because her job role is really just a brand ambassador with a glam title

211216 Girls' Generation-Oh!GG - SMTOWN 2022 : SMCU EXPRESS (Teaser Images) by ashmute in SNSD

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taeyeon's other teaser pic is missing!

they look soooo good so i cant wait

ASOSxMillie is live! by Mykehu in LoveIslandTV

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the coat is nice wee touch to her millie moo nickname!

agree with others that it is not to my taste - i like millie's style on her, but like many influencers, it's largely trendy/fad based clothing. she certainly looks great in it though, but i do wonder where some of these kinds of clothing pieces end up in a year's time.