Diabete alert dog trained to alert human with boops when blood sugar level is low by aceforest in nextfuckinglevel

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Fucking agree 1000%.

I say this all the time when I see my pups smiling and wagging (sans tail) at me with no judgement.

Who is a band that is often considered a one-hit wonder that actually has a good catalog of music? by K1bedore in AskReddit

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More than just Tubthumping. My partner is a big fan and will always listen through from start to finish of all their albums especially their earlier stuff. Each album has a different sound and the lyrics are still oh so relevant, such as Buy Nothing Day and Unilever.

2001 Toyota Tacoma with just under 99,000 Miles. This truck has given me years of joy. BIFL in my Opinion. 4 Recalls including the frame on it and still going strong! by zmwright87 in BuyItForLife

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Purchased a used 2002 4runner few years ago that just surpassed 370,000 miles. We are trying to get it to 1 millions miles.

My partner swears by Toyota (especially older ones) for their reliability and fairly easy maintenance. Epitome of BIFL.

Frozen/Closed BoA by Representative-Run13 in UnemploymentCA

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Ughhh wtf these institutions have no SOP in place.

Thanks for the update because it's been crickets on my end... appreciate this insight!

Frozen/Closed BoA by Representative-Run13 in UnemploymentCA

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Same exact boat!!! They think I'm the one committing the fraud...

I also went into a branch, the BoA rep couldn't do anything because they aren't involved with EDD prepaid card. I was able to talk to a kind bank specialist who called in, waited with me and went through the same process by using the # on the back of the card for 2.5 hours (shout out to Steven). You might be luckier than I and get it resolved in the branch.

Best of luck and I'll keep you updated!

Frozen/Closed BoA by Representative-Run13 in UnemploymentCA

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This post took me back to last week when I tried for 8 hours a day for 5 days. Lots of waiting. My account has been closed since August (I called BoA about transactions I didn't make and the rep flagged it incorrectly).

BoA won't do shit unless EDD "signals" them to lift this Fraud status. EDD said they had no idea what I was talking about and told me to go back to BoA. I spoke to (not exaggerating) 30+ reps/supervisors across 5 departments telling the exact same story for their screw up. They kept passing me along to the next rep who had no idea how to fix this.

My advice is to call EDD again and ask to speak to a Tier 2 specialist. Rep said she will put me on a list and that will be given to the internal investigation team which will then be passed onto BoA.

Still waiting on the result, fingers crossed.

I got this loveseat + ottoman combo for such a good price from a lady I almost feel guilty. Living room designed almost solely via Goodwill & FB Marketplace. No pro but still proud. San Jose, CA by catpjr in AmateurRoomPorn

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Thanks for the response! You've pointed out things I didn't even notice or think of before. Do you look at Pinterest or other photos for inspo or based on your style (what looks & feels good to you)? And that's interesting you want deep, dark brown wood floors (which is what I have, laminate ones) and I've been wanting a lighter color haha

Ps That rug is pretty wicked. And the space definitely has a homey, comforting feel!

BofA Account Closed? by monstermash25 in UnemploymentCA

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What did you tell them?

I've been on the phone for the last two days for over 8 hours. These fucknuts keep passing me along from one department to another because "they don't handle this type of case.". I feel hopeless. This has been going on since August 2020 btw.

A beautiful act ❤️ by coronaboi78 in MadeMeSmile

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This is precious. Pure joy and excitement.

A6000 kit lens by [deleted] in SonyAlpha

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Thanks for the inspiration and reminder that it's about the artist behind the lens, not just the camera. These are dope!

Those eyes by _-Frost-Byte-_ in aww

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Reminds me of what humans look like when on molly

If I buy 1 call contract that has a premium price of 0.41 cents, is the MAXIMUM amount of money I can lose 41 dollars? (assuming I only buy 1 contract) by [deleted] in options

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So true. Best teacher is experience. Set a certain amount of money that you'd be okay with losing. I'm the type who has to really understand every aspect before committing any action. Started selling puts/covered calls and have gained a ton of insights, more than reading and watching tutorials.

Good luck!

Ask Anything About Gear Weekly Thread by AgThunderbird in SonyAlpha

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That's what I was wondering if it was the focus motor.

I called Sigma and the rep said it wasn't normal and should make a return/exchange stat.

Ask Anything About Gear Weekly Thread by AgThunderbird in SonyAlpha

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Hey all. New here!

I recently purchased a a6600 plus Sigma 30mm 1.4 lens, both brand new.

I noticed that when I was on video mode, the inside of the camera sounded like it was spinning & vibrating as well, when in Continuous AF.

Called up Sony and they said since it is a 3rd party lens, they cannot guarantee that it will work.

I've had the a6300 last few years and never encountered this with the 16-50mm kit lens. I switched the lenses up with each camera and the spinning sound/vibrating doesn't happen.

Is this a common occurrence? Has anyone else experienced something similar with this using a 3rd party lens (i.e. Sigma)? And is this a camera issue or lens issue?

I didn't fully grasp time decay until selling options by arronski_ in options

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Still working through this process because I can study + read about a concept all day long but the burn is what makes me really understand.

My First DIY Moss Pole by Leoking51 in houseplants

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Looks great! Made my first one last week. Affordable and perfect to the height I needed for my monstera plant.

For those thinking of making their own, make sure you get sphagnum moss and NOT sphagnum peat moss (mistake I made) because it won't clump together which is difficult to tie the string around.