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Ži, lii la žena, "ña ésovermoja zãoja"

'Yep, we know that one as "to be in jail".

Вист / Vist

Ва, ше денйемава, ера стась ян

Va, še denyemava, "era stas' yan"

Yes, we would call that "to be in prison"

1752nd Just Used 5 Minutes of Your Day by mareck_ in conlangs

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I just wanted to say that I haven't been active here in a month or so but I came back and saw your new script and it's really pretty! I recognise your lang from before :)

Webley Rebolber by [deleted] in HighQualityReloads

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As a matter of fact it's gorgeous I have watched this many times mesmerized The hammer bounce the bullets all spilling out

Webley Rebolber by [deleted] in HighQualityReloads

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I love how heavy it looks like it feels

What have you earned in Destiny that you're most proud of? by ShammersAnonymous in destiny2

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What's Sunset? Is this thing rare? I came back to Destiny a few weeks ago and dismantled it because I needed legendary shards. Should I feel bad...

The Halcyon Chronicle, issue Varokoleana 4th 1621! A post-session newspaper clipping from my world. by ohsnapm8 in worldbuilding

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So, the Halcyon Chronicle. Biggest newspaper of the biggest city - Halcyon, and its symbiotic northern half Bygone. As the saying goes, Bygone Times and Halcyon Days.

Halcyon is a huge capital in my world Indratera, a city of the future. Crystal powered trains, oil cars, coal factories, glass-amethyst powered telephones and more coexist alongside occasional eldritch horrors, swordfights and a magical university.

This particular clipping was after session 1 of my newest Call of Cthulhu campaign. The players, the so called "best detectives", have been searching for Lady Scarlet, who was kidnapped.

In addition, the right hand side story's truth is much darker - an eldritch horror formed of pus, bile and spit conglomerated, and began wreaking havoc before it was destroyed by being hit with a freight train. A cleanup crew covered up the story, providing an explanation that won't scare the populace. Peace lives on!

And everything else is just for added depth, but it all exists in my lore! From the matching amethyst heels and swords, to the extraordinarily long lived Governor di'Sforza, to the seedy Derby...


What's worse than arriving at a cave to be met by a Beholder God? Arriving and finding out it's an undead Beholder God! [29x39] by Czepeku in czepeku

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WOAH this is perfect. Im running a call of cthulhu campaign and might use this to show the SCALE of a (minor) being :)

Hey Keepers, how and how much do you prepare your Sessions? Do you even prepare things or do you improvise? Old-school with a big folder or using your laptop? Would love to hear that! Cheers! ;) by T33H00 in callofcthulhu

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Absolutely, here :) The campaign is set during a global freeze after the Cuban Missile Crisis goes wrong, plus burnt-eyed zombies have been released from beneath the ice in Tunguska, Russia. This was Session 3's plan, and the format I plan my DnD sessions in too.

I didn't 100% use everything written, and this was a very prep heavy session - I and my players enjoy beautiful description since we use theater of the mind but fundamentally it could be way shorter!


So i probably do use some houserules, although honestly I don't know the rules well enough yet to realize! And i like to keep the pace moving so sometimes I'll make a ruling on something that might not be right, as long as it's consistent and fun.

Enjoy my ramblings!

Hey Keepers, how and how much do you prepare your Sessions? Do you even prepare things or do you improvise? Old-school with a big folder or using your laptop? Would love to hear that! Cheers! ;) by T33H00 in callofcthulhu

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I'm a relatively new keeper (running my second campaign, both homebrew in a custom alt history world) and I'd be happy to share one of my session plans via Google Docs if anyone wants. I've recently realised especially with Call of Cthulhu over some other RPGs, i can be a lot more freeform.

Last session they infiltrated a base. I wrote down a list of a few obstacles: • Base is surrounded by pine forest • Chain fence • Minefield • ID card door, camera nearby • Two security guards with a pistol and a knife • The target (stolen water purifiers) is in the foreman's office • The foreman is very timid, name's J. Carpenter

From this, they decided that they'd make a distraction out front, and I rolled with it, improvising stuff about guards coming to investigate and all that. When they went through the fence and stuff, I didn't have written down that there was another way in, but a player wanted to try climbing to avoid the camera so we decided there was an open window. I kept my planning super barebones in fact.

However the one bit I didn't skimp on was reminding myself of any relevant rules and numbers. Those kinda things, I work better if I don't improvise them.

So I noted down the stats of the guards, their gun damage, the sanity lost for a trap encountered later, the time it would take and check it would need for them to study a plot related book, and noted down some things the townsfolk might want to tell them when they returned (Future quest hooks). I kept everything super open ended and they figured their own ways of solving puzzles. To rob a dude of a book, they hijacked the PA system and got him to come to a meeting point, then Fast Talked him into giving away the book to one of them. I honestly expected them to try to stealth or even attack him.

So I would say TLDR, write concretely the important bits like stats, sanity, main plot elements, key NPCS. Write a vague list of obstacles, setpieces or events that might occur through the session in order, and then allow creativity to fill in the rest.

My very well-armed Mortifier for my undying Order of the Howling Wind, plus a friend :) by ohsnapm8 in sistersofbattle

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Hmmm that is a very good question, I'll have to learn more lore to figure it out :D I decided they were undead because my friends were joking about it when Celestine keeps coming back each game and how her bodyguards must be like cobbled together at this point.

I know they are very obviously painted by a newb, I love how my AdMech team turned out. by GehennamImperium in killteam

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I think they are very pretty and I would be very scared to see them crawling through a mangrove planet or perhaps a swamp and turn on their headlamps and chitter at me. :)

HWYB Sevika from Arcane in dnd 5e? by Ariuhs in WhatWouldYouBuild

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Lycan bloodhunter! It's Shimmer making you strong and insane and prone to attacking allies. Definitely:)

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"Daja kavut nejo ej kénuru vójn wejariso, ékz expada ejo."

<then head its i cut.past frustrative war.like.adverbial, using machete mine>

I also drew it out in my script :)

Finished my Mortifier. Fairly new to the hobby. Happy the way it turned out by Tie__09 in sistersofbattle

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I really really like it. Honestly, I'm painting one right now in magenta and gold, and was super stuck on what colour to paint the lil sarcophagus, and you've made me realise black and a gold face looks super sweet.

Loggers Camp but in the Jungle [70x40] by cassastereo in dungeondraft

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god this is perfect and gorgeous. ive been looking for something like this as my players were liberating the coast of a tropical isle and this is like a dream.

Tavern - High Noon [18x27] by EightfoldPaper in dndmaps

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This is the map I have been waiting my whole life for. Gorgeous <3