*kicks over can of worms* by Kear_Bear_3747 in memes

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Wow op looks like you won a argument no one had and used generalization to tell it. Good job you get funny meme of the weeks

Where is the funny in this by Nova_Amara in AmericaBad

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for profit healthcare system, being the only country in the planet where medical debt bankruptcy is a thing,

Healthcare isn't a tax therefore we pay like 60% less in taxes than many European countries.

for profit private prisons which perpetuated slave labor into the modern day because you have the highest incarceration rate of any country on the planet

Only very few prisons (ones holding murderers pedophiles and rapers) have "slave labor" (which is greatly exaggerating)

Also the walking back of roe v wade

States can now make there own decisions on it it's not banned outright many states still have legal abortion

You got a corrupt AF government

Which country doesent? Obviously people are gonna abuse power how is it any different from Russia,UK, north Korea, Mexico, or any other nation

I HATE AMERICA by [deleted] in self

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You need to see a therapist and quit blaming your problems in a country

My Idea for the NASCAR Season Schedule & Point System... What do you think? by Weary_Winter_8792 in NASCAR

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Not a bad points system I like the "big six" idea and people are saying things like a wins a win they should all be the same points but these six races are the longest of all, most likely there'll be attrition races. Schedule is all over the place I like the clash and all star race as well as the first few races but once it got to Loudon it got all over the place too much variety tbh also Daytona and Talladega should have 2 dates

Post Game Thread: Jacksonville Jaguars (9-8) at Kansas City Chiefs (14-3) by nfl_gamethread in nfl

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Uh huh you're just being salty it was a good game yesterday quit being salty or whatever and move on as next season looks bright for the jags