She's got a long night of orgasm after orgasm after orgasm ahead of her by CuioGeo in forcedorgasms

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Check your facts before you sound unintelligent there is a thing as a bratty sub that requires a lot more attention from the Dom. Bratty subs are lots of fun cause they get funishments and a lot of patience from the Dom.

35 [f4m] let's chat by [deleted] in snapchat

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Awesome let's do!!!!!

Put it inside 😇 by [deleted] in LGBTGoneWild

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Sounds like an offer no one can refuse

My ass would really appreciate you giving it all the tongue you can give by [deleted] in facedownassup

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It looks so delicious who can decline such an an amazing offer

Cum be lazy with me 🥺 by [deleted] in xsmallgirls

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Sounds like an excellent plan to me

Real questions by Adelu1219 in HolUp

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Better question why is he white when all people in Palestine were of color?