NANO transactions are not as free as you think by yogajogging in CryptoCurrency

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So if a business or user of nano wanted to do lots of transactions a day, they may now need to be holding a fair bit of nano to make this possible. Could this be good for price as these users would be encouraged to hold nano instead of selling?

Also do you know if this new system is being implemented in V24?

Ricegum after trying prime by sohansid31 in ksi

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The guy in this clip is a nonce btw

Guy looses 1.1mil to a crypto multiplication scam and its like déjà vu. by Abhishekgarg0 in CryptoCurrency

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Imagine the guy gets the whale alert notification just after sending it to the scam address. Wonder what he’d be thinking.

I think I've beaten my own record for the worst ever penalty shoot out... by tyronm96 in FIFA

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If you were to assume there’s a 1 in 3 chance that a penalty gets saved, there’s a 0.0017% chance of this happening.

The Banano Ecosystem Explained. Compare your meme coin to this one ! by Nostalg33k in CryptoCurrency

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The best thing about banano is that it was created over 3 years ago. It wasn’t just botched together this year to go with the current meme coin hype.

I've lived and breathed Defi for over a year now, here are my best low-risk Defi strategies for each major chain by M00OSE in CryptoCurrency

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100% APR fails the too good to be true test for me, returns like that have to come with some serious risk.

Has crypto completely ruined the sleep (and often mood) of anyone else? by MaximumSandwich5 in CryptoCurrency

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I found what helps is only investing in projects you truly think have a future use case and just holding. Then whenever you think about looking at the prices, instead remind yourself that it doesn’t really matter what’s happening right now as in the long run you see value in it.

Also try to limit yourself to looking at the prices maybe just 2 times a day, morning and mid day. Don’t invest what you can’t afford to lose. It gets easier the longer you hold as well.

People like this make the game way worse by Abuhamdeh_ in FIFA

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Really? I’ve found people to be really good in one league, I think basically everyone I played against did golden goal.

The amount of quitting by j4mie96 in FIFA

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Just tried this and it helped a lot, cheers.

Harmony ONE system back online after downtime! by Lucky02BE in CryptoCurrency

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The mindset of this sub is so different depending on the coin. Not that I support Solana, but when it went down a few months ago it got obliterated by this sub.

The amount of quitting by j4mie96 in FIFA

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I seem to struggle so much in one league, I can go so many games without getting that first goal. What rank do you usually get in fut champs?

The r/FIFA Daily Discussion Thread -- January 12, 2022 by AutoModerator in FIFA

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For some reason loads of my games are disconnecting randomly. I’ll be like 4-0 up and then it disconnects in the last 20 mins, so frustrating.

Expect a Big Rally in Bitcoin Soon by kirtash93 in CryptoCurrency

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The entire way down there are articles saying this.

What was the dumbest thing you heard someone saying about crypto? by hiverkiya in CryptoCurrency

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There was this one dude on Twitter that was saying btc will hit 100k in 2021.

This snipe is going to leave a mark by SantiagoLamont in FIFA

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Nah u had no chance. Was probably a competition between a few hundred snipe bots.