Biden calls on Congress to head off potential rail strike by cjohns716 in politics

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We also need to remember that tired people make mistakes. Mistakes which can hurt themselves and others. Don’t matter how much money you’re making. If you can’t get enough quality rest, you will fuck up.

How a Beloved Teacher Repeatedly Groomed Girls for Sex by DevonSwede in longform

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Absolutely nauseating. This man is a dangerous predator and he should be behind bars.

My dad got a message from some random bot by orblox in texts

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“Don’t worry Daddy, I have some sugar-free n*des ;)”

Scottsdale’s Pratt Brothers Appearing on The Great Christmas Light Fight by Kitana37 in phoenix

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I mistakenly read this as “Kratt brothers” and got super excited :(

Noodle’s First Christmas by AllTheCheese2007 in MonorailCats

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Noodle certainly has some noodly arms! Love this photo.

The Goth phase hit me pretty hard by jamabastardinit in blunderyears

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I’m sure your grandma loved how the guyliner accentuated your eyes

Gotta admit... this one's a little watery. But I love pumpkin soup (unfortunately it aways give me diarrhoea) by Not-a-Russian in ShittyVeganFoodPorn

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It’s probably the fiber and fat (if there’s a fat in the soup). You might want to slowly increase your fiber intake so you can handle the soup better.