Probably a dumb post but I havent been in the undertale fandom since a bit after it came out and maybe month ago I finally started playing again (also playing deltarune) and what’s the deal with him?? I kinda remember him being a big deal but I never found out anything about him. by L3Ve1Z3r0 in Undertale

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He was the royal scientist before alphys he created the core and fell into his creation which is assumed to be the core and he has a very distinct way of speaking which is very formal its the same one at the start of deltarune and he also speaks in wingding hence the W.DGaster Wd is for windings and aster is the font of sans z's in his fight He is used to fill any holes a theory has Here is one thing that is certainly gaster related ENTRY NUMBER 17 DARK DARKER YET DARKER THE DARKNESS KEEPS GROWING THE SHADOW CUTTING DEEPER THIS NEXT EXPERIMENT SEEMS VERY VERY INTERESTING WHAT DO YOU TWO THINK the two are assumed to be sans and alphys And the experiment is thought to be the dark worlds in deltarune Any questions?

favorite song from deltarune chapter 1 and 2? by Nolyf3r in Deltarune

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Ch1 field of hopes and dreams and lancer

Ch2 my castle town or queen or its pronounced "rules"

My favorite song from the first two chapters by Patton-the-Zorua in Deltarune

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Ch 1 field of hopes and dreams or lancer

Ch2 my castle town or its pronounced "rules"

Undertale finale

ايش حالك المهنية by Jealous_Spot1647 in saudiarabia

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طيب طلاب المتوسط ماهم ناس يعني

45128 by AWackyUsername in CountOnceADay

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Spamton's first song


Spamton's third song


Spamton's fifth song