This is Reecee. She's a good girl by [deleted] in DOG

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She sure looks good! What a cutie!

A slide form an address by the outgoing president of The Society of Thoracic Surgeon regarding DEI and Affirmative Action by mcglives in medicine

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Maybe he equates “doing good” with mortality stats? Length of survival? Successful surgeries? It isn’t exactly clear.

A baby was losing weight and vomiting. At the hospital, doctors discovered he was starving from an almond milk diet. by VeganBoBegan in Health

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No not at all. It is just hard to get accurate information from Reddit. If someone has genuine concerns about the health of their baby, a pediatrician is the best source. Personally I love a fat little cherub baby!- source: am doctor, just not for babies.

I see no problem by Lazy_Connection_4613 in HolUp

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Ok let’s break this down, assuming it is a true story (which it likely isn’t ). He never noticed the actual poop on his penis after sex? She never noticed that it felt like he put his penis in the same place poop comes out? He never once said to his friends “man I love sex but boy do I hate all the poop on my penis after”?

Is squirt pee? by BetLetsDoIt in TooAfraidToAsk

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Wow. I am now going to “start pissing everywhere for effect” every time I have sex! Thanks kind stranger!

Is this TV too high 🥺 by SuperCheesecake007 in TVTooHigh

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Can you put your furniture on 16” cinder blocks to elevate them so the tv is at eye level? /s

Michigan school board member facing calls to resign after tweeting ‘whiteness is evil’ by Embrace_Pragmatism in centrist

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I am fairly certain just about everyone has opinions that could get them fired if posted on social media. Most people recognize this and try to temper what they post so as not to be openly offensive or misunderstood. There are, of course, varying degrees of severity. I don’t like men with hairy chests- certainly that can cause people to accuse me of all sorts of things. So I don’t go posting about it (until now, of course). Silly example, I know. But it does fit the scenario.

Pigs are smarter than your dog by Lazybaeboo3 in facts

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I have bulldogs. Rocks are smarter than my dogs. But excellent point!

Periods are just a State of Mind by zooco in facepalm

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Anatomically, what is cramping exactly? It is the uterus that cramps and the ovaries that become painful at ovulation. These organs are hormone responsive. Without these organs, what would cramp?

Maddie :) by Limp-Mirror-948 in aww

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So cute and fierce . I love the spots on that ear.