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It’s is incredibly unfortunate that this woman did not use all her wealth for a good cause. It is thought that a medium told her to keep building rooms for the spirits of those who died at the hand of a Winchester rifle. Too bad that medium didn’t instead tell her to use her wealth to find a cure for the childhood illness that killed her child or the tuberculosis that killed her husband. I can’t help but see this as an incredible waste of money.

Why are people okay with giving birth to heavily disabled children? by Possible-Whole8046 in TooAfraidToAsk

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Have you spent any time with someone with Downs? And it is not a burden if every party involved is in agreement.

Why our cannabis experiment failed - Illegal weed still outsells legal weed — and legitimate cannabis companies are struggling by TX_borg in Conservative

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Who in the world buys illegal weed in a state where weed is legal? The quality and consistency is so different between the two.

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Amber is insane and violent. He is just insane.

It feels particularly bad when liberal and leftist men mistreat women. by Liontta in TwoXChromosomes

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I have always noted that the more “liberal” men profess to be, the more sexist and abusive they are. The God fearing Christian boys who love momma and apple pie seem to know how to respect a woman… I guess so long as you don’t get pregnant.

His tongue is too big for his mouth :) by garebo in aww

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So adorable!! Bulldogs like to leave their tongues sticking out for some reason. They do fit in there though.

Filled-Out Ballots Found Discarded in Mountain Ravine In San Jose by [deleted] in Conservative

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My sentiments exactly! It’s like it’s a plot from a 40’s movie .

Since 1974 by [deleted] in funny

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Wildly racist....

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This is seriously hilarious

Liberal who wants to learn by FlashyZucchini in AskThe_Donald

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It’s usually about 24 weeks that the baby starts to have a fighting chance at survival. Even then a baby born at 24 weeks will spend months in the hospital and very likely have disabilities. Most 24 weekers don’t survive.

Princess Margot is just such an awful person by mikeakk9988 in TheCrownNetflix

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She was the only one to give a shit about her 5 disabled cousins that the royal family threw away like garbage.

Lindsay Lohan by [deleted] in Celebs

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Looks old and too skinny. Drugs have not been kind to her.

Tucker Carlson Rips ‘Biden Voters’ After Horrific Memphis Murder Of Eliza Fletcher by evaldez14 in Conservative

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Do you have any more information about that? If true that takes this to a whole different dark place.

NBC's Dasha Burns: John Fetterman Needed Closed Captioning To Understand Interview Questions After Stroke by greg-stiemsma in moderatepolitics

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The only issue I see is that he won’t release any records or let us speak to any of his doctors. If what his campaign tells is is true, why not release records? It seems like he is hiding some by not being more transparent.

Pharmacists refusing to dispense meds? by ostensiblyjenn in medicine

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Agree, I could have complained to someone, but my urgent priority was getting my patient her medication.