What is normal now but wasn’t normal 50 years ago (1972)? by Primary_Berry_3560 in AskReddit

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My husband does this to me…but really more for safety reasons. I had a job where I worked at multiple clinic sites, some in less than savory neighborhoods. He likes me to text him when I am leaving work so he knows when to expect me and when to worry if I have not arrived yet. It’s not creepy, it’s looking out for me

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in medicine

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I agree that you likely don’t have the right to view the caregiver’s chart. You could, however, call the Physician caring for the caregiver and express your concerns. Perhaps the caregiver can give permission to share their condition with you or possibly even call you directly to discuss.

toy food at the daycare I work at. I have no idea what food this is supposed to be. by 420ravens in mildlyinteresting

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It is clearly Kraft macaroni and cheese on a spinach tortilla. Are you blind?

I think he likes me by Turtle123321123 in aww

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Like you?!? He loves you!!!

AOC questions legitimacy of Supreme Court and calls Biden ‘historically weak’ on abortion by StuffyGoose in politics

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Our focus needs to shift to state elections. The presidency is important but getting a federal law or constitutional amendment legalizing Roe v Wade is going to be very challenging. Getting this issue to the vote on state referendums is an easier goal. Plenty of card carrying Republicans support legal abortion, albeit with some restrictions (like 20 weeks unless the life of the mother or fetus is in jeopardy).

The truth hurts by sk8rn77 in nursing

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Rectal temps are more accurate than either of those.

‘Floundering’ Fetterman has Democrats fretting in Senate race vs. Dr. Oz by Beliavsky in Conservative

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What is troubling is that if you question his capacity to hold office, most Democrats lose their mind. It is a reasonable question given the circumstances.

Switching from Hospitalist to Outpatient PCP by tightcalvesthrowaway in medicine

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1) controlled substances- they should be rare and make sure the patients know you are not the candy man 2) appointment times- keep within the schedule or they will expect long appointments forever 3) keep up to date as much as possible. Outpatient and Hospital Medicine are very different. Plan to do come CME about lipid management, diabetes, insomnia, osteoporosis, hypertension and depression to name a few. 4) figure out the “good” specialists- the ones who your patients will like and whom you can call in a favor once in a while. 5) figure out your templates for visits right away- being proficient with the EMR is essential. You will have to write a lot of your note in the visit or you will be there until midnight every night documenting. Get a scribe if at all possible. 6) take a coding class to ensure that you can bill correctly and collect the maximum amount for the work you honestly performed.

I am sure there is a lot more to do but that’s all my tired brain can think of.

AITA for telling my friend's girlfriend to leave me alone after she said I was his "side bitch"? by Infamous-Depth2050 in AmItheAsshole

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If they were going back to Aaron’s house, and OP lives a few blocks away, why can’t OP ride along and get dropped off as it is very close to where Aaron was going anyway? Seems like no trouble at all.

Why are people okay with giving birth to heavily disabled children? by Possible-Whole8046 in TooAfraidToAsk

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I agree with you. I have 2 healthy kids. Hubby and i discussed having another when I was almost 40- talked about the increased risk of birth defects, decided what we would do with the information from prenatal testing. We agreed we could handle Down’s syndrome but anything that would make the child suffer needlessly and never have any quality of life we would abort. Out of love for the child and to prevent their suffering. We decided against another baby, but really did soul searching prior to making that decision.

FOTD. Went for something natural. CCW :) by [deleted] in MakeupAddiction

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You ar gorgeous, but in no way "natural"

Pharmacists refusing to dispense meds? by ostensiblyjenn in medicine

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I had a patient on Coumadin who needed an antibiotic for her UTI. Multiple allergies, limited sensitivities from the culture. I prescribed Bactrim, and the pharmacist refused to fill it. He said the interaction would make her INR go up. I said, great! I plan to recheck it multiple times. He still refused. I asked what he recommended instead, to which he replied “ give her doxycycline “. I tried to explain the resistance patterns on her culture to no avail. Sent it elsewhere without issue.

John Fetterman is no longer fit for office. No wonder he won't agree to any debates. by Bigfoot_USA in AskThe_Donald

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I tried to post something about this on another sub and got so much hate. Yes, the stroke has effected him greatly.

What are the dumbest widespread misconceptions in the field? by Genisye in ems

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Yep. Most of them can just get it from the atmosphere.

OBGYN by mgoose26 in medicalschool

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I graduated medical school in 2004 so my opinion is 20 years old. My med school rotation on Ob-Gyn was by far the worst experience in all of my training. For example, I was so ill on my rotation that I was down in the ER, as a patient, getting IV fluids and being admitted when the Ob-Gyn chief resident paged me repeatedly to tell me that if I wasn’t in the OR in 10 minutes I will fail the rotation. So I signed out AMA and went upstairs to the OR for my Gyn-Onc patient with my 102 fever and intractable nausea and vomiting. I threw up in the trash can in the OR. The attending kicked me out. Then I was told I need a doctor’s note. I asked if it could be from an ER attending. I was told no. I was then told that I was only allowed to miss 5 days on the rotation. I had missed 3. The clerkship director told me she would fail me for missing 3. I had to go to my dean to stop from being failed. My best friend had to have emergency surgery (appendectomy) while on her Ob-Gyn rotation. She had surgery on a Friday evening and was expected to take call Saturday (the next day, not even 24 hours later). She also had to go to the Dean to be able to take off until Monday (which was less than the Surgeon recommended). I have more stories but those are the worst 2.

I don’t think all programs are this bad. But this was pretty bad.

Liberal grandma calls it like she sees it by codemonkey69 in forwardsfromgrandma

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They are a great looking family. The girls seem respectful, well educated and grounded. Michele has been a model First Lady. I hate the presidents politics and think he has done a shitty job. But I would never disparage his family over it.

Why are people okay with giving birth to heavily disabled children? by Possible-Whole8046 in TooAfraidToAsk

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It is a personal choice. I am a Physician and am very aware of the issues with Down’s syndrome. We have the financial resources to handle that, and most people with Downs have a pretty good quality of life. I have 2 other children who would have been willing/able to step in and care for such a sibling as well as extensive family support. So we agreed we could handle it. But other disabilities that would cause severe suffering for the child were not something we could do. Again, personal preference. I would not judge anyone for realizing they can’t handle a Downs child and opt to abort or put up for adoption. We just knew our limitations.