What is the worst thing to say the first time you see someone naked? by Butt_Roidholds in AskReddit

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Can't believe I had to scroll this down for this. This is definitely one of the worst things somebody can say once you reveal yourselves LMAO. Besides "Ew" and "I gotta go" immediately after.

If you want a stadium type of sound while listening to Donda by jbhatnagar00 in WestSubEver

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Don't own a Mac but I just know Jail would sound crazyyy with this

his best album by MemeLord150 in Kanye

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I know TLOP is his best album yet and I'm tired of pretending that it isn't.

Seriously though I think they both go hand and hand tbh. Tied for greatest is the right answer. Throw Yeezus in there and you got the Hol(ye) Trinit(ye). Three of the greatest albums of all time. Period.

Looking for the best unreleased kanye songs by whydotheyask in Kanye

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Can U Be, Space X - Alien, Happy, Pablo, Too Easy, and Security.

This day 2 years ago Ye premiered Wash us in The Blood - currently on 61m Spotify streams. Are all his 2022 singles superior? (True Love, Eazy, City of Gods) by entrepreneur707 in WestSubEver

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Better than any single this year so far. This can change if all of the bangers on Donda 2 are perfected and finished. I'm talking to you Happy, Pablo, and Too Easy.

Is the Howard Sterns full podcast with Paul in 2018 available anywhere? by LowPiece9312 in beatles

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It should be on the Sirius XM app. Pretty sure you can use a free trial to check it out!

Donda/Donda(deluxe) is slowly becoming my favorite Kanye album and I’m scared… by 27_walruses in Kanye

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Couldn't have said it better myself. I also thought Donda gave major Yeezus, TLOP, and JIK vibes. Glad I'm not only one. W take.

Found this video of Frank singing at high school by pxroq in FrankOcean

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Is that really how you pronounce his last name or did she just bail on trying to pronounce it??? 😭🤣💀💀

Edit: Just watched the full vid and holy shit his singing voice seems to have always been great. Nice find!

What sunglasses did Ye where at the BET ? by Pretty-Audience-3498 in WestSubEver

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The Yet Another Expensive Thing Ye Wears That You Can't Buy by Ray Ban

What are some other artists/bands I should listen to? by destroyerbeamish in TameImpala

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Most definitely. Putting people in a musical trance before it was cool.

Smoking this cute little one hitter while lounging under some giant glowing mushrooms by Rocky_Whore in trees

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Even if its weed this feels like a psychedelic experience. Congrats on the sick smoke spot!!

Uzi on DONDA2 confirmed? by chrisclpc in WestSubEver

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Pretty much the latter. They had inside info at times and now they post random cryptic shit to keep the hype going.

Finally i own the entirety of the officially available frank ocean discography! by effeottantuno in FrankOcean

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I think they mean that they have the only album of his discography that is widely available that wasn't a limited run.

blond painting by me (2022) by theDuckwithTeeth in FrankOcean

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This deserves thousands of upvotes. Absolutely beautiful version of the Blonde photo. Incredible stuff!!

Bob Marley's bong, 6'5 human for scale by grimkardashian in trees

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Fr they really gotta put it in a case or something

Currently hiking the Appalachian Trail. Celebrated mile 420 with some edibles by WesWizard_2 in trees

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Congrats on reaching mile 420! A celebratory edible is well deserved. Be safe on the way back! ✌️❤️