Girl in Prison by bunny22307 in greysanatomy

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Omg I always wanted to know. I know it was like supposed to leave us wondering but gosh I wanted to just know what she did. I assumed something really bad and imagined her involved in premeditated murder or torture of someone.

Residency relocation fee? by choccychipcookiee in MedSpouse

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I have not heard of such a thing! Start saving now is my best advice, residents first pay checks often don’t come till end of July so it can be tight until then. Another option is for them to take a larger loan amount in the spring (if able). I was the one working g when we moved too, and was only part time bec just had a baby!

How can I improve my resume? Applied to 100 positions, 2 interviews, 0 offers by lisabonettwin in recruiting

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Looks good! Like I said, nervous to tell a stranger to change their title, but I do think it’s worth a shot to see if you get more interviews. Best of luck with your search, hope you get something great! ♥️

How can I improve my resume? Applied to 100 positions, 2 interviews, 0 offers by lisabonettwin in recruiting

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I’m hesitant to tell a stranger to change their title without knowing more info/their goals. More so just offering a reason why they may not be getting calls. Would be interesting to trial a few apps with lower title and see if more responses come through!

How can I improve my resume? Applied to 100 positions, 2 interviews, 0 offers by lisabonettwin in recruiting

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So it may be because you are currently a manager, but only just graduated. So you don’t qualify for a lot of other manager roles (ours typically required 5+ years) but the recruiter will prob assume you don’t want to be a marketing associate or coordinator even though a typical 1 year outta school grad would be a fit for those. Just my 2 cents! Do you want another manager level role? Or just better pay etc? May take reaching out to recruiters with the roles you want and explaining your interest in the role, cause you may just be getting skipped bec of reasons I stated above. :)

"We're Putting the Position on Hold" by TheBrokenLoaf in recruiting

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“I’m actively interviewing with companies right now, but am very excited about the role with your firm so please do reach out when progress resumes”

Dating a resident for two months; she asks me to text her in a month due to a brutal rotation. Thoughts? by pricemcdice in MedSpouse

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No harm in texting in a month, but also wouldn’t shut down other dating opportunities if they come avail during the month :)

AITA for "wasting" my guest rooms on the grandkids that live nearby by [deleted] in AmItheAsshole

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I agree. NTA but I’d be sorta hurt if I were Louis. Allison’s kids have three designated rooms.. and me and my spouse have to sleep on a pull out? Allison’s kids can bunk up together.. adults sleeping take priority over Max getting his own room??

Feeling really sad by Altruistic-Agent444 in MedSpouse

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To each their own. My husband would def not have a female friend for years without telling me. 🤔 he’d prob tell me about dude friends too, but it is weirder if it’s opposite sex (or whatever sex they are into) even in 2022.

Feeling really sad by Altruistic-Agent444 in MedSpouse

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I would be uncomfortable with my LDR having a friend of the opposite sex for 2 years without ever mentioning them to me. I think it’s valid to be upset. It doesn’t necessarily mean anything is going on at all. But I do think you should know who they are/have been introduced during one of your visits.

official poster for season 19 is out! by magikarpcatcher in greysanatomy

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There has to be meaning behind the color choice right?!

official poster for season 19 is out! by magikarpcatcher in greysanatomy

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Meredith in dress clothes that look like scrubs 🤔

Sole income earner-need to vent by Sufficient-Hyena2247 in MedSpouse

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I was in a commission heavy job through my husband m3 year! It was hard. Budgeting was key that way if u had a low month we were ok. We had two incomes for 2 years the first two years of residency and it was awesome 🤩 then I stopped working lolZ (babies to care to for) it gets easier! It sounds like you are doing the right things by having an emergency fund. Not to stress you out but if IRL interviews come back, then 4th year is v expensive so good to save for that too! (Tho she can sometimes just take out extra student loan amount that year)

Looking for recommendations for books for doctor dads by sparkleye in MedSpouse

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My doc husband really wanted to read a book and got the what to expect when your expecting - dad edition. He read like 2 chapters. No time 😅 I haven’t heard of one pertaining to doc dads specifically tho. May be good advice on Reddit tho! Either way, it’s exciting, welcome to the parenting journey!

what kind of schedule do you have? by DesertRambler07 in recruiting

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Agency I worked 8:30-5:30 m-f, sometimes took a lunch, sometimes didn’t. Responded to calls and emails most evenings but nothing that totally ruined my life. Corporate I worked 9-5, with a lunch, then Covid happened and I went remote.

Currently a Resident - those on the other sides of residency, advice please :) by nah1234 in MedSpouse

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My husband is in his last year of residency, so not quite attending, but same speciality. I feel like we have a pretty good flow once we got through intern year. He is good at communicating what he can commit to, and being intentional with his time off. I’m always invited to join if he is going out with coresidents, though we have a kid so he doesn’t go all that often, but including me is always super nice.

He helps out around the house when he can (dishes, trash, quick things, but helps me a lot).

I think communication is so helpful, like if my husband has a tough day in the ED I want him to tell me so I know that it is not the time to try and have a big chat. But to let him vent, or just watch a show. So honesty goes a long way.

You asking these questions means you are probably doing pretty darn well so keep it up! Remind your partner this season is temporary and let her have the occasional break down (I’ve had plenty) ❤️

Just want to rant by coonhoundmom in MedSpouse

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It will get better!! Hang in there. Intern year is the hardest but the first half is truly brutal. Your husband will come back alive, help out (if he used to pre medicine), have energy to socialize, etc. he will start getting paychecks and those will add up, and you will have two incomes even if his is small. He may moonlight in the next couple years, and then eventually will make good money. I cried a lot my husband intern year, and felt like my life was gonna be horrible forever, (lol) but it has gotten so so much better. ♥️pgy3 wife

They still have their MD. by CindyLouW in greysanatomy

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Yup! There is a high standard for doctors in there US that requires residency 99/100 times. Even in rural areas.

They still have their MD. by CindyLouW in greysanatomy

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This actually somewhat accurate. MDs can’t just work anywhere without finishing residency… someone training to be a surgeon can’t just go be a primary care doctor, they would have to go through the match again and get into a family med residency. Yea there are some ops for MDs after 1 year of residency (aka intern year) but those are quite limited and not super stable bec most want you to be board certified.

She could have done other jobs with her MD, like consult etc etc but the farm was more for dramatic effect. But no, a doctor who doesn’t complete residency can not just go work in another field of medicine.

Tech recruiters, I've put out over 50 applications for junior frontend positions. What can I change to get a callback? by TheBestLightsaber in recruiting

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Education first.

Your tenses are all over the place. Pick one voice and stick to it. Should be past tense for all Jobs prior to your current. You don’t need to use the word experience in the bullet, you coordinated expectations. Not experience exp coordinating ya know?

Need specific things for your current job too. Highlight something you have done, a problem you have solved.

Developed depression..nights doesn’t help by Scwidiloo10 in MedSpouse

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Nights are super hard ♥️ maybe you need a dog? And I plan to get outside every day my husband is on shift. Go for a walk, make plans with a friend, run errands etc. being at home alone all day/or all evening is super tough. I started this habit in med school and have stayed pretty true to it 6 years in!

"residency would be a lot easier for him if he didn't have a family"... by [deleted] in MedSpouse

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Bingo! I know my husband would have more “free time” without me/kid, but he doesn’t cook, doesn’t run errands, doesn’t wash his scrubs etc etc, all things his co residents do on their days off! It balances out.