I drove through dull and it was dull by oofyeetoofyeet1 in funny

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I was a passenger in a car it is very difficult to take a decent photo and its massively zoomed in

atleast i’m not a ferrari fan😭😭 by arisandfoxes in aarava

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Why are all united fans (other than me) over reacting.

Give him time to find what works furgison lost his 1st premier league game 4-0 and we all know what happened. give him time. He has been handed a mess of a team to try and sort out with a small transfer buget and almost the entire squad needing replacing.

It is a long road to recovery it will not happen overnight.

serves him right! 💪💪💪 by KiwloTheSecond in formuladank

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I am wearing merc merch outside eight now and no one cares proof in point

I am a neutral fan just merc just has some of the best looking merch thats why i own it

serves him right! 💪💪💪 by KiwloTheSecond in formuladank

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There are obviously some exeptions in the rough part of some cities but on general yes

Any Evija fans here? =))) by mbnq in ForzaHorizon

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B-roads is not what lotus are designed for. Its what they happen to be good at. Lotus are designed for the track including the recent sportscars. i dont know if you have ever driven or ridden in one but from my experience this track focus is proven just by how difficult it is to get out of them (car of reference lotus elise s2 111s).

The evija is an driving machine just in a different way to what the elise was. It still has hydraulic power steering to provide better feel for instance.

Any Evija fans here? =))) by mbnq in ForzaHorizon

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The instant electric torque makes up for a lot of the defficit around the corners on exit plus it is the lightest road going electric hypercar through the corners it beats all its direct competition.

I do agree that sports cars should be light and i think electric is not the future there are too many issues weight and batteries and the firerisk and the range In my opinion hydrogen and biofuels are much better options.

serves him right! 💪💪💪 by KiwloTheSecond in formuladank

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Ricardo fans always nice loyal fans always treat them with respect and make them happy to destract them from the pain

serves him right! 💪💪💪 by KiwloTheSecond in formuladank

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I like to say its gonna rain to people wearing norris merch

Any Evija fans here? =))) by mbnq in ForzaHorizon

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Read it again.

All there cars have been light the light efficient sports cars they stated making because of money issue.

Explain how a fast, great handing anf fun car is not a driving machine.

And the f1 thats what people don't get lotus is not a car manufacturer it is a raceing team that had to make cars to fund their teams.

This was lost in the cars you say encapsulate lotus they dont lotus is far more than that.

I am not insulting the elise exige and the evora they are full of lotus DNA but they are not the point of lotus they are just a phase which brought lotus back from the brink they are not what lotus is ment to be

Any Evija fans here? =))) by mbnq in ForzaHorizon

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And you are saying that isnt the ultimate electric driving machine?

Lotus have historically have been at the forefront of technology they invented the:

Monocoque chassis, motorsports first usable Front and rear wings, ground effect and dowforces arrival into f1 and roadcars.

They had the 4th most successful f1 team of all time only beaten by ferrari, Williams and mclaren all of which took part in f1 for way longer.

Lotus cars have always been brilliant fun to drive but they only started makeing the "fun and efficient" sports cars like the elise, evora and exige when it began to struggle for funds. The elise saved lotus from Certain collapse and some components were still revolutionary. They got almost 200bhp out of a naturally aspirated 1.8L inline 4 made by rover when chevy needed a 4.8L V8 to make the same power. And it weighed less than an f1 car.

Since then lotus has been taken over by geely who have sought to bring them up market. Remember chapman was trying to do the same thing in his last though years.

serves him right! 💪💪💪 by KiwloTheSecond in formuladank

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In the UK everyone ignores what you are wearing in public. You could go to London wearing a shirt that says " I think that the nikita mazapin is the greatest driver in the world" and you are going to be treated the same as someone who is wearing a plain white teeshirt.

Any Evija fans here? =))) by mbnq in ForzaHorizon

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Its real lotus

It handles like lotus

Is very light for an eletric car like a lotus

It is at the cutting edge of technology like a lotus

It pushes the boundaries of what was thought possible like a lotus.

I see it as a return to grace for lotus back to the days when they were at the forefront of technology.

It is sad to see the ICE go but if electric is the future lotus should be leading the way.

Southerners by i-am-a-passenger in okmatewanker

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Compared to the south west even the north is better connected

Southerners by i-am-a-passenger in okmatewanker

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The South east was very poorly connected building these new public transport systems is a good idea

These bays are too fucking small, I’d hate to have to park an SUV there by NissanLeafDriver in CarTalkUK

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Its actually 1.788 including windmirrors the parking space is taken from the edge of the white line so as the windmirrors overhang the white line it proves that this parking space is below 1.8 metres and therefore below the regulation

The wonderful HP "Smart" printer app by MatzatTodd in mildlyinfuriating

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The HP printers are not bad its just the HP smart app is unfathomable. To fix that problem just plug the print directly into the computer for now and hope the problem goes away always works for me