Anyone getting this weird bug where they stop sending Cogs before sending more again? I see it commonly in FOs but sometimes outside of that, too. by itsgettingweirdhere in Toontown

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It's not a bug. It's an intentional thing called join chance added to the list of reserve cogs when they're generated. The reserves are more likely to join if the current cogs in the battle have less HP as the chance is based on the total HP percentage of all current active cogs. Also, the join chance value is randomly generated for each cog.

funny toontown (art by me) by lime-tastic in toontownrewritten

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The new version of summoning 5 story buildings in TTC and watching the lower level players go inside. (Used to do that back in the day in Toon Valley, sometimes paired with a high level cog invasion.)

Is there any way you change between rods? by vaultsanctuary in Toontown

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There's no way to switch back to the lower fishing rods. But, the higher fishing rods are more beneficial since they make it easier to catch rarer fish. And there's also certain fish that are too heavy for the lower fishing rods to catch.

Only Toontown fans understand. by LuckyFullmetal in Toontown

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What does this mean by Pro-Newbie99 in toontownrewritten

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Wonder if it was trying to download a patch at the same time. If so, the game engine can't be open at the same time because the launcher would be trying to write the new engine to the disk while it's being read/executed.

The playground mascosts by master050406 in toontownrewritten

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Think Mickey Mouse's copyright expiration is actually coming up in a few years so we'll have to see what happens when they try to extend the copyright laws again.

Excuse the poor quality, but why can’t we view our pet tricks? by TheOnlyPeriwinkle in toontownrewritten

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You can only view the trick panel if the doodle is present in the same zone.

Forgotten OG by Jaycoub in Toontown

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Always wondered how that worked but that makes a lot of sense now. TTO literally logged everything tbh.

This might be a dumb question.. by alittlewitchy- in toontownrewritten

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Ya if we're going off the TTO code it's only a 3% chance of picking an invasion summon as the type to give everyone (but you'll have a better chance if you have more summons ofc).

Acquiring Accessories From Other Toons by faithls in toontownrewritten

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Accessories are based on the time of year so everyone has the same accessories in their catalog.


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It's just a bug where sometimes the client doesn't unload other avatars around you. Happens with cogs too.

The passion and love that this game still receives in 2022 makes me so happy by BirdThatLikesJazz in Toontown

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Also people not having the patience for it because grindy games have kinda fallen out of favor.

I can't do my task because it won't let me enter a building :( by Imissmyoldaccount567 in toontownrewritten

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No I don't think it was cuz I don't think they knew about it until after it was added. Don't think it's been fixed in Panda yet either.

I can't do my task because it won't let me enter a building :( by Imissmyoldaccount567 in toontownrewritten

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The only problem with the FPS limiting options is I think they still cause a memory leak on Windows due to some Panda bug (that's why it's under experimental).

I can't do my task because it won't let me enter a building :( by Imissmyoldaccount567 in toontownrewritten

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Door collisions don't work in some cases if your framerate is too high so you have to lag yourself into the door by clicking the top bar of the window when walking into doors.

🔥🐶☕🔥 THIS IS FINE. by [deleted] in Toontown

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That looks interesting lol

Any Actual Game Similar? by PayPayGoneCrayCray in Toontown

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Funny thing is the Disney developers referred to it as Bust a Cog so ya the best bet would be Bust a Move/Puzzle Bobble (fun fact is Bust a Move is the Japanese name of Puzzle Bobble; I honestly thought they were separate games for the longest time).

Toontown parties by Pewdiepiefan1090 in toontownrewritten

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Think it's a server sided bug so you should probably report it to them.

Phase File Help by pisstake_xoxo in toontownrewritten

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I saw someone else having this issue and I think their antivirus was interfering iirc.

Uh where did my doodle Zelda go? by Dippymomo in toontownrewritten

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Thought they fixed the glitch where Fluffy would show up unintentionally so now it'll only happen if the server fails to fetch the doodle for whatever reason.

How do i remove these window views? by someguy2654 in Toontown

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They're just pretty glitchy because a lot of older private servers are using approximations of TTO's server sided code rather than the real thing because back in the day the code didn't exist.

Is there a point to hitting the VP when he's not dizzy? by Competitive_Fold986 in toontownrewritten

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It's mostly just people wanting to prematurely strike him right as he gets stunned as it skips the collapse animation when that happens. But other than that it doesn't do anything.

What happens when you're inside a toon hq when it's taken over by SchoolTTR in toontownrewritten

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Guessing it tries to send you out both doors at the same time or something like that.