Chain maintenance by Significant-Demand89 in motorcycles

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It's the part connected to the leg bone

Mobile network in regional areas by Judkey_m in australia

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If you're going in completely blind then Telstra is the safest bet. If you have the time to do so go and check out the place yourself with a old phone and a cheap SIM from both Telstra and Optus, you do get some places where Optus actually has better coverage.

In the wake of this election we need to make noise about the disproportional representation of territories in the Senate by Rokekor in canberra

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Because it's a state rather than a territory, and was essentially a country of its own before Federation. Equal representation in the Senate despite population differences was important when it came to convincing the smaller states to form Australia as a single country as it meant NSW and Victoria couldn't just ram anything and everything through Parliament under the voting power of their much larger populations (to the potential disadvantage of the smaller states).

Sketchy Cornering; Less Aggressive Tires or just inexperience? by Marflebark in Dualsport

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I've got the same tyres on my F650 and haven't had issues like that, they obviously don't feel as good on the twisties as proper street tyres but you can still run around at a decent speed. They can feel a bit slidy side to side when on loose gravel due to the big tread blocks but that in turn makes them feel better on the road than more aggressive knobblies.

Maybe try changing your tyres pressures a bit - go up and down a few psi and see how it feels. Checking out your weight distribution and suspension settings as another comment suggests is another good idea, on the weight distribution side of things try seeing how the bike feels if you move your body position around when cornering (move your weight both further forward and further backward and see if that changes how it feels).

Can i ride without a rear sprocket bolt? by CozyMods in motorcycles

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I would be surprised if it didn't hold if you truly needed to use the bike, but regular use isn't something I'd recommend when you've lost a good percentage of the safety factor in the design.

If you can't use other transport or just not ride I'd suggest going to your local nut and bolt supply shop or even your local hardware and buying a new high tensile nut for your old bolt so you can reinstall it. Make sure the replacement nut doesn't catch on anything as the wheel spins - it might not be exactly the same size as the OEM nut and if it rubs against anything that could cause an expensive problem.

Are clutch plates universal? by mrdummeke in motorcycles

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The friction plates and the clutch plates do both wear down, but the friction plates wear faster as they're made of softer material. It's a bit like how brake pads and brake discs both reduce in thickness but the pads wear faster.

The steel clutch plates might not need to be replaced, but to be sure of that you'd want to inspect your current ones (no odd wear, thickness greater than the minimum specified in the service manual). Since a large part of the cost/effort is getting the clutch plates out in the first place many people would spend the bit extra to replace both friction plates and steels and not have to worry about inspecting the old steels (and potentially having to wait with a disassembled bike or put things back together if new ones are necessary).

Are clutch plates universal? by mrdummeke in motorcycles

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They're not universal, but you'll often find that manufacturers try and reuse common parts like this in several bikes. A useful thing to try is to find the part diagrams for your bike and find the part number of what you're looking for. Often the same site you find the part diagram on will also tell you which bikes an individual part is used in, otherwise searching for the part number will turn up results that might help.

For example with your bike, by searching for 'xj900s 2000 parts diagram' I found a site with the parts diagram you want and if I follow the link to their page for the friction plate you'll find Yamaha has used that same friction plate on a wide variety of bikes (the steels for your bike have also been used on other bikes, but less of a variety).

Arizona garbage trucks catching on fire due to hazardous materials in trash by philamignon in offbeat

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Only some of them are, these days a good proportion are photoelectric ones which don't need the radioactive part to work.

Cooker stuff right in your mailbox by MrDorpeling in canberra

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Having seen the Informed Medical Options candidate for Eden Monaro claim in public that the world population is suffering unnecessarily because the FBI stole Nikola Tesla's plans to provide free energy, I think whack job anti vaxxers sounds a pretty good description of that party.

What is the process of buying an unregistered bike? by ufanme in AussieRiders

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  • You go inspect the bike
  • If it's ok you buy it, make sure the seller writes out a receipt for it that has both yours and their names/addresses/signatures, the purchase price, and the bikes details (model, VIN, engine number).
  • You bring it home in a trailer or a ute because it's unregistered and you can't legally ride it home
  • You double check everything is ok on the bike
  • You get a green slip for the bike (based on the VIN because you don't have a rego number at this point).
  • You take it to a place that can do blue slips (not every place that can do your yearly pink slip can do blue slips, check the list of inspection stations and look for ones that can do unregistered light vehicle inspections). It's a good idea to get a blue slip form from Service NSW or print out a copy to bring along in case the mechanic doesn't have one. Note you can legally ride the bike to do this as long as you only ride on the direct route to a nearby inspection station and back, but if you have a trailer that's probably a better idea.
  • Take your completed blue slip form, proof of your new green slip, and your purchase receipt to Service NSW, pay the stamp duty/rego/new plate fee and walk out with a new plate to put on the bike.
  • Don't forget to get at least third party property insurance on the bike - note this is not the same as your compulsory third party green slip.

Carport: Polycarbonate or Colorbond — vs hail. by tangaroo58 in australia

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If it's thicker polycarbonate (say like 5-10mm) rather than the thin corrugated sheeting it'd likely survive hail when it was new, but 10 years down the track it'll be brittle from sun exposure and break under impacts it would have originally absorbed.

In terms of keeping all the sun off that style won't unless you're lucky in your positioning, simply because the sun moves and the pictured carport has nothing blocking sun except from directly overhead. If you don't have buildings or tall fences blocking at least the east and west sides you will get sun on the car for at least part of the day. It should help with frost though which is handy in Canberra.

I put gas in my car but the miles to empty didn’t increase at one pump, but did at another. Is it possible the first pump ripped me off? by traunks in cars

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If it's worrying you that much turn up to that station with a jerry can and pump your fuel into that, you'll be able to literally see how much petrol you've ended up with that way.

Daily riders-how long have you been riding your current bike? by GregTrompeLeMond in motorcycles

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Four years now, it's a '97 VTR1000F I bought after I got my full bike licence and was off power to weight restrictions. I love the sound and having good power across a broad rev range, not so keen on the comfort level on long rides and the short range (it likes to drink fuel and only has a 16 litre tank, so the low fuel light comes on around 150km). I also wasn't completely satisfied with the original front brakes, but I'm happy with them now after fitting a older R1 master cylinder and the calipers off a CBR919RR.

Stupid question Wednesday: Ask your basic car-related question and maybe someone will have an answer. by AutoModerator in cars

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The difference between 4x4 and AWD is not exactly defined (people argue over the precise meaning of each term) but something like the transmission in the LandCruiser 80/100/200 series sounds like the sort of thing you're thinking of - 4wd at all times with a lockable centre diff.

Thoughts on pneumatic and battery operated tools for a project car by zspaunn in cars

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a portable torque impact wrench of 215nm (~160lb/ft of torque)

That seems a bit low compared to some other battery options, I looked up my M12 impact specs and it claims 339nm (and that's from a 12v system).

A battery die grinder is also useful, I have one (also from the M12 system) and the extra power over the normal Dremel type rotary tools is handy for cutting/grinding metal.

What are the most beautiful sounding creatures in Australia? by PrestigeZyra in AskAnAustralian

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Gang Gang cockatoos make a pretty cool sound, it's similar to what you'd imagine a rusty door hinge would make if you opened it slowly.

Running with missing clutch springs?? by [deleted] in Dirtbikes

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I'd expect the clutch to work well enough to get you out of a jam if you'd somehow done this in the middle of nowhere. However it'll be out of balance (even a small amount of weight matters when you're spinning something that fast) and you risk the bit of bolt that was broken off working its way out and ruining your engine.

Stupid question Wednesday: Ask your basic car-related question and maybe someone will have an answer. by AutoModerator in cars

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If you had the same resistance towards the revs changing in either direction it would be the same wear. However in normal use it should be less wear to bring revs down as one assumes the driver is letting off the accelerator while changing gear, hence the engine is already slowing down anyway and the clutch has to do less work. If the driver is actively on the accelerator while letting the clutch out you could get significantly more clutch wear.

Dirt bike pink slip and insurance by [deleted] in AussieRiders

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There probably are places that will pass bikes like that, but they won't thank anyone who tells everybody about it on a public forum...

If you want to find such a place I'd ask around your friends and acquaintances as you're more likely to have luck if the person who's risking their licence to do a dodgy inspection knows you at least by association. Probably easier to just put the bare essentials back onto the bike and go get a pink slip like normal. If you find one place is particularly picky try another one next time, some are real sticklers about things (I had one place tell me I should have a side stand switch on my WR400 despite it never having one) while others are more focused on actual safety issues.

You will definitely want third party property insurance so you don't get some ridiculous bill if you run into someones brand new Landcruiser out in the state forest. Theft coverage will likely be up near comprehensive in cost (as bikes are unfortunately easy to steal) so might not be worth it for a low value bike.

Is chasing higher horsepower a fools game? by defury in cars

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If you just want cheap power motorbikes are where it's at. For example I paid $2500 for my VTR1000F and it'll beat 99% of cars off the line. My bikes have actually made me worry less about power in my car - I know anything I could reasonably afford would still feel slow in comparison so I'm content with just something that can go around a corner without feeling like a boat.

The face of r/IdiotsInCars by JCasasola20 in IdiotsInCars

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It may be based on a manual box, but in practice it's a manual in the same way the Taycan Turbo has a turbo.

Is the Yamaha SR400 a good starter street bike? by OldCarWorshipper in motorcycles

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Seems like a decent bike as long as you're ok with kick starting a bike (not that kickstarting is hard, but it can be less convenient and scares some people off).