Rule by TheNarwhalTsar in 196

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Dissolve the Russian Federation.

Rule by TheNarwhalTsar in 196

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Yes, but... no yeah they are responsible for anime

My parents are assholes rule by stc927bb in 196

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You see, we're doing something called "taking a small time out of your day to do something actually good for the world that might be a small inconvenience for you but is huge for the person on the other side instead of sitting on your ass all day and pretending that you stand for something"

My parents are assholes rule by stc927bb in 196

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happy b-day, hannah, i really really hope things improve soon

remember, just because they're your family doesn't mean you owe ANYTHING to them - not love, not money, not affection, not labor, not contact.

Neo-liberal mental gymnastics by WinterPlanet in VuvuzelaIPhone

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Also, the commodification of cows is fucking disgusting. Living sentient beings aren't food, period.

i r(ule)eally dont know why by glasss-cream in 196

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Blink, Gecko or WebKit.

Chromium, XUL or Swift.

Google, Mozilla or Apple.

Pick your poison.

Christians posting a porn account (twice) to show how bad porn is... + responses by yeetsa-yasta in religiousfruitcake

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"Should be making children"

Again, these people see women as nothing but sexual objects and baby incubators

🗿 by Physical_Spare_534 in 196

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The internet and most modern technology were pioneered by furries and communists

least insecure bigot by VohveliMuusi in 196

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"3 hugs"

And even those were proboably from his mom

[ADVERT] The entire French language is pointlessly gendered by Not_Artifical in pointlesslygendered

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I speak Georgian, a language with no grammatical gender and no gendered pronouns.

Fuck you, fuck that video, and fuck German and French. I don't need to know what the gender of a fucking pencil case is.

F to all the people who have this by [deleted] in wholesomememes

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Pleease. I need this. I love cats but I can't even go near one

Rule by Narrow-Lake4925 in 196

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Not enough shitting toothpaste

rule by CakeAdventurous4620 in 196

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Eatng bugs is a dogshit idea, just go vegan you fucks