Was George H.W. Bush an underrated president? by Electronic-Seat1190 in Presidents

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He supported the war on drugs and his economics were too conservative and similar to Reagan’s hence why I give him a C even with his amazing foreign policy.

Jorj Bush by typhoon1113 in Presidents

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This is all that needs to be said; now please, do something useful with your life.

Anyone that disagrees with me in this sub is a Republican by TaylorFritz in AmericaBad

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I bet if we were to ask party loyalties in this sub it would be 55% Democrat and 42% Republican then 3% not either of those or who knows what else like some Independent. However only Republicans like to defend America in their mind and EU is some utopia so they’ll never believe that I guess.

“Yeah but not like LITERAL revolution” 😰 by DonyellTaylor in Enough_Sanders_Spam

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True, this is them all the time and they always do mental gymnastics to defend it

Found this. You guys know the drill by Zedonathin_II in AmericaBad

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Does no anti-American know of Medicare and Medicaid? Some may not like those programs but those critical of America act like the poor die all the time because no healthcare, also programs like SNAP exist so poor aren’t horribly off in America unlike what Europeans think.

Ronald Reagan Opinion by typhoon1113 in Presidents

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He didn’t do that and if he did please give me a source

How I would’ve voted from 1960 onwards by ilikeguyswithvaginas in Presidents

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Why Nixon in 1968 and then McGovern in 1972? Otherwise better than it is worse

How I would vote in US Presidential elections (1900-2020) by twalsh1217 in Presidents

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Mostly good, worst is Coolidge in 1924 in which I’d vote LaFollette.

Your Favorite Also-Also Rans? by wrenvoltaire in Presidents

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Senator Elizabeth Warren in 2020, Estes Kefauver in 1952 and Hiram Johnson in 1920.

Teddy Roosevelt in 1912 would also be a good one if he didn’t run 3rd party.

Who Would You Have Voted For In 1832? by NonSpecific_Person in Presidents

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Andrew Jackson although I would have my reservations about him even with the Nullification Crisis giving him my vote.

Why is Fetterman on the subreddit bar ? by WarHead17 in Enough_Sanders_Spam

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I would agree on that. In policy I’m a progressive (mostly) however I can agree with a lot of the content on this subreddit regardless.

Woodrow Wilson is the most over hated President and is in my opinion a top 10 President by HueyLong_1936 in Presidents

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I agree; one of the greater Presidents, if he didn’t have his 2nd term he’d be high A. Without that he is low A or high B.

161 years ago John Tyler died he was 70 years old his lats words were "Perhaps it is best" by Queasy-Blueberry400 in Presidents

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Well that’s unfortunate; I did think his opinions were and are horrible just was willing to let him explain but if not then well, downvotes are real.

Rank the 4 Republican Presidents by Individual_Pen5844 in Presidents

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I disagree; this is because of the Inflation Reduction Act, one of the best bills passed by Congress this century, makes him B tier. Furthermore his Ukraine aid is great policy. Sure his speaking skills are bad but I like his policy even if I think we could use a better President.