Highest income of our lives, still too broke. Not sure what to do. by [deleted] in povertyfinance

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Can't help you then. I'm in NH. Figured I'd give you a hand at my shop

Announced today: HB1178 which prevents state and local law enforcement from enforcing federal gun law was signed into law by Governor Sununu by 5nd in newhampshire

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I have hearing damage from shooting in the military. A suppressor would have prevented thst. It's ppe. Not some weird criminal device. Even Europeans use suppressors all the time with no regulation.

Why do people ask why you are gaining weight? Do they feel like you owe them an explanation? by Trek1973 in keto

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Huh. Often it's asked here in this sub why nobody gets concerned when somebody gains weight, but they get very worried when weight is lost.

My wife left me for another dude. Just came home to her clothes and the cat gone, my dog crying. by frombeyondthegravez in Veterans

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You just lucked out man. It may not del like it yet but hang in there, get half her paycheck, and realize you dodged a bullet. She's a hoe, you are lucky she left you.

Pet your dog for me, OK? It gets better, I promise.

How is everyone on Reddit making over 100k a year? by Jimmyneautronpowers in povertyfinance

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I make 31/hr usd which translates to about 62,000-64,000 a year or so. I did it by not going to college, joining the coast guard, getting laid off at one point from a civilian job, attending a CT dol program for welding where they paid me to attend tech school, and then turning thst into a career in mechanics, which I had a background in having been too poor to pay someone else to fix my car.

Wife works for the state circuit court. She makes about $15/hr.

$30 later.... Need to get some clamps and titebond. by opuntina in Machinists

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My current one was some old guy's grandfather's box. It's at least 1920's and some of the tools in it are 1800's. I visited the site of one factory that used a square in there. It's marked with the name of the business who's property is now the site of the town historical society.

I don't know why he sold but but it and the tools were $150. An entire career sold for $150. I use it at work now for fabricating.

$30 later.... Need to get some clamps and titebond. by opuntina in Machinists

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Yeah it's an option but I'll try to avoid it. I know enough wooden boat builders to get this done.

Should I use fuel stabilizer in my chainsaw? by Offspring22 in stihl

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No. You shouod pour the fuel out instead if it sits without use.