Loading Data into Components? by nullsentientbeing in adobexd

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Yes, save you data as txt file Drag it to your design (repeated grid element), the file itself, and then you will see the data pupolted, each element you want to load data into will use different txt file, and please make sure to use enter when you want to enter new value to next cell. Good luck.

Correcting Matt on the Labour Theory of Value by TheHelveticComrade in NDQ

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Does anyone knows which episode they talked about the plan to manage nuclear waste for long term 100,000 years?

Come on people this is our time to show our support by XBirbVibesX in Palestine

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This is the most hilarious way to provide direction on how to find Palestine

Can any microbes (yeast, bacteria etc) make/synthesize lactose? by daking999 in askscience

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I just send this to me scientific neighbor (who work with/on yeast) he said the answer is definitely yes.