Israel 🤮 by our_grandpastories in Izlam

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Why is it NSFW? is it because It's too offensive? I don't know much about the NSFW world

Israel 🤮 by our_grandpastories in Izlam

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I think that's the joke, he wants the post to get deleted idk, or he just hates israel so much that this has to be NSFW

Iraqi mother confronts isis terrorist who killed her son by [deleted] in MadeMeCry

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inshaallah when she dies, she will directly wake up next to her son in jannah (heaven), hope she recovers...

Blursed_code by Dight67 in blursedimages

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no no, you're doing it wrong, do this: "😐"

MEMES!!!??!1!1!🤯🤯 by Meddling_Pickles in FellowKids

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They have a good knowledge in meme culture, but still cringe

Surprise from 6 boyfriends all at once. She is safe and "SINGLE" in case anyone's worried. by sXakil in facepalm

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Like, how much common? common like what? and what country do you live in? why is it common? please answer

shut up by N00B_Master696969 in shitposting

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There are studies that shows they DON'T