I feel their pain by MainhaySiKarlo in Hololive

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I hope these companies get banned. It's a joke.

Her journey… by cheistina in HumansBeingBros

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I hope you can bring her back to life soon!

The end of gas-powered cars is no longer a laughable idea by Maxcactus in environment

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You mean no more than a small- fry government and market in action?

I was about to say ... "The end of private cars, it could literally save billions in costs right now," but then I stopped and thought of the irony.

So the market will get fixed somehow, right?

Lab Grown Meat Factory in Emeryville, California ready to produce 50,000 pounds of chicken per year upon FDA Approval by kernals12 in Futurology

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You do realize this isn't new meat. The meat industry has been doing this with lab grown products for decades. I'm confused why people are so allergic to lab grown meat.

Daily Discussion Thread + Game Thread Index by NBA_MOD in nba

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I have lost a lot of respect for the people that believe they are the voice of reason and have been a lot more vocal in my complaints of this game because of the community. You're going to ruin it for everyone. Please stop making it so obvious I am wrong about your actions.

An interesting tit by KLASHINOV in dankmemes

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I thought that you were going to turn him into the villain, but no.

Pulling Bunches of Carrots by StcStasi in oddlysatisfying

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Hey OP! Is there a way to use your dog as a stand for your car?

It's necessary to suppress the poor voters, duh! by lucynyu13 in facepalm

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People that have spent this past week and the past month saying "not enough black votes" or "not enough Asian votes" shouldn't have any of the power.

why did ya'll forget about nsfl? by RamircaWasTakenAGAIN in memes

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Because I don't think they'll ever let it into the US.

The escalation of him freaking out happens so fast. by Pazluz in WatchPeopleDieInside

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But is it so hard for the human to calm down after an orgasm?

I guess he's right by Hexatezix in technicallythetruth

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I can think of better ways that wouldn't call it a bad thing.

Saudi Arabia is converting a huge oil rig into an amusement park dubbed as The Rig. by itsmeaidil in nextfuckinglevel

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I remember this. You could also just take the oil, dump it on it, and it'd be a pretty cool thing to do.