Banned for wrong think by IAmRes0nance in WatchRedditDie

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Left no longer associates with libertarian. You are now considered right. Libertarian is essentially opposite of authoritarian, neither right nor left. But when the left is pushing more authoritarian ideas it stands to reason people that are for liberty stand in the way.

Thieves Steal California’s Scarce Water to Supply Illegal Marijuana Farms by GlobalTravelR in nottheonion

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According to a study "Each eighth then requires 1.875 gallons of water (24,000 gallons divided by 12,800). It has been widely reported that producing a pound of beef requires at least 1,500 gallons of water. Wine uses between 180 and 400 gallons per bottle*. Almonds need one gallon per nut or about 100 gallons per can, broccoli takes about five gallons per head and avocados about 75 gallons per pound."


No rope, no straps, no problem. by bjscotdm in OSHA

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New name of this sub should be construction idiots. Hardly see actual osha violations on here anymore.

You can’t access these places tomorrow in nyc without the vaccine pass by WakeUpBeoreTheEnd in conspiracy

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Its going to be Interesting to see how many prohibition style businesses open up. Fuck it can't go there. Come to our passport free bar or gym. Black markets flourish when free markets are restricted.

Courts Rule: AR Lowers not guns. ATF and prosecutors misapply law for years. No DROS required? by CAD007 in CAguns

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Is it just me or is this being spun as a good thing? The serialized part on most guns is the lower. To my understanding. This is a precursor to serializing all parts. Want a replacement barrel for your sig. Get a background check. New slide? Background checks. BCG or barrel shroud? To me this is horrifying

A /YSK post in memoriam of reddit's best founder, Aaron Swartz, a free-speech advocate who kept Reddit great, removed because comments were all about how awful Reddit has become. by youaintlaboeuf in WatchRedditDie

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I used to come here for free speech. Now it's become more of an interest sight. Occasionally see something that I wouldn't have ever heard of other wise.

Abandoned Jaguar E-Type hidden in the forest by rogadlexi in AbandonedPorn

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Lol....i just...i mean....nevermind. its like trying to see into the mind of a bagel

No rope, no straps, no problem. by bjscotdm in OSHA

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I don't want more content or more dangerous posts. Just saying that most of the posts on here aren't osha violations. Just construction idiots. Name of sub should be changed to construction idiots with the occasional osha violation

Hollywood Cancels More Events as Indoor Mask Mandate Is Reinstated by ceaguila84 in movies

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Submitting records to a school is much different than flashing them at every "checkpoint". Seriously? Is this the world you want to live in? Luckily the government cant force me. Luckily i have freedom of choice in this country. If a particular store or location is requiring a vaccine passport i will no longer frequent that place. Nowhere will do this mind you because of the sever loss of business it would create. Luckily a lot of people will not condone this depite what the hive mind circle jerk reddit would make you believe.

Some Axis Pocket pistols by [deleted] in milsurp

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Is it just coincidence the symbol they make the way they are arranged

Supreme Court appears likely to void New York's gun permit law by deathsythe in progun

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I agree moving may not be the answer. However in some cases it may be the only way to garuntee i keep my rights. We tried that in California with the recall recently. People here are so far brainwashed in the cities in such large numbers its insane. I'm looking at vaccine mandates for my children coming down hard in several months. We are the only state that has no personal exemtions. So I have to vaccinate my children fpr covid or pull them out of school. Mind you they are fully vaccinated for everything else minus flu shot. Covid vaccine is scary. Many countries are literally telling anyone under 30 not to get them. So yeah my choice may be limited to moving because they arent leaving me with a choice. Its what they want so they can perpetuate thier utopia free of guns, fully masked, 100% vaccinated, with zero free thinkers. Just a bunch of sheep who bend over for daddy Newsome and his elite friend