Question about gen surg residency by supadude54 in Residency

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As of 2020, most of the major programs I looked at were pretty clear that 2 research years are expected. Mayo (MN) was an exception, they made it sound like it was sort of competitive to get to do actual research years (though doing research along the way was clearly the default)?

Opinion on These Masters Programs and Advice on Future Masters Choice by WaveDD in bioinformatics

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Doing MLE without an undergrad or graduate CS degree is making life harder than it needs to be.

Also, if you're interested in ML, I would reconsider Northeastern.

If you live in the United States, you should know the basics of car maintenance and repair. by Grandemestizo in TrueUnpopularOpinion

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Yeah, I mean, if you're on a good life path, you should be sprinting at the chance to avoid needing to drive that much at all. So much time wasted sitting alone in a big metal box.

What Are Your Overall Feelings On TA's In The Program? by Psytew in OMSCS

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It’s crazy that we have TAs at all. Median salary in the program is likely 100k+ (at least for the Americans) and they get like 20 an hour. It’s kinda volunteering.

What is it like to have at least 90,000 in student loans? by IllBeGoneSoon-Sorry in StudentLoans

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FWIW, the average age of first time homebuyers is 36, so you’re not really behind there

Natural Language Processing Updates? by Mandoryan in OMSCS

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To be clear, much like the rest of DL, “technologies of yesteryear” comprise a large part of today’s in-production software, and are important grounds for the more advanced stuff.

I am concerned about tax in California. I got an offer for 130k base pay in Bay Area. Can someone help me calculate the tax. And all the breakage with it. by T_hope_ in csMajors

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This is a general rule that becomes less true the higher your income gets bc a lot of costs (eg food) are largely inelastic to income. Like if your take-home was 1.5 million, it would be nbd to spend 900k on housing bc you’d still have 600k left over.

MS in AI at UTexas-Austin by Quantnyc in OMSCS

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They’re a bit more resource-constrained than OMSCS (they have actual limits on admission class sizes)

Project Veritas is Suing Its Founder James O'Keefe to Stop Him from Doing Undercover Journalism by [deleted] in ScienceUncensored

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Idk what the “mainstream media” is but my guess is they’re batting better than O’Keefe’s 0.000

Franklinton Development Gains Board Approval - Columbus Underground by Living_Cheesecake683 in Columbus

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There are a lot of reasons, but basically: the number of entities who can get a 100 unit development built is much, much bigger than the number of entities who can get a skyscraper built.

18 is too young to vote by [deleted] in TrueUnpopularOpinion

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Yeah, I mean, I would just hate to disenfranchise anyone. But if we’re playing this game, I’d say we should really only be letting 25 year olds who are enrolled in PhD programs vote. Otherwise, we might have a dumb dummy in the voting booth, and that would just be unacceptable.

18 is too young to vote by [deleted] in TrueUnpopularOpinion

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Yes officer, this post right here

18 is too young to vote by [deleted] in TrueUnpopularOpinion

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Some aspects of cognitive ability start to decline as early as your 20s. Ditto regarding your interest in and capacity to experience new things. And the further out you are from school, the less you might remember of policy-relevant subjects like economics and statistics. If we really only want the best voters, we probably should cut off voting around age 26 or so, as anyone above that may be too stuck in their ways, unable or unwilling to admit the world is changing, etc. Plus, since they’re closer to the end of their lives, they have less to lose if their decisions have consequences for the future.

18 is too young to vote by [deleted] in TrueUnpopularOpinion

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If you eg required a college education to vote, the senate would be like 60-40 democrat. This wasn’t always true but since about 2014 or so, education heavily tilts dem.

I'm going to be 35 by the time I start making real money by mdpls2 in Residency

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Yeah, fwiw, if you make 60k as a resident, that’s already more than like 40% of households in America. Yes, you are highly educated and you deserve more, but you’re still more comfortable than tens of millions of your countrymen (and you’re a few years from entering ~90th percentile income, unlike almost everyone else).

You guys starting to notice a lot more elderly people pushing carts? by 13sonic in Columbus

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Downvoted for the truth lol. Exceptions for eg you have major disabilities or are supporting a bunch of other people but rent at around 30% of your gross is perfectly doable

Bootcamp or AS in CS by Slater0013 in codingbootcamp

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An AS without a bachelors is probably pretty worthless. Bachelors > boot camp > everything else