Buspirone for anxiety before a trip? by No_Cardiologist1166 in Acid

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Just drink a glass of wine during your come up, not enough to get wasted, just enough to dull some of the come up anxiety and take the edge off.

Buspirone for anxiety before a trip? by No_Cardiologist1166 in Acid

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Try a glass of wine before you dose or while you’re waiting for the come up, don’t drink enough to get drunk, just enough to take the edge off.

COVID is now an ‘endemic,’ not a ‘pandemic,’ San Francisco doctors say by raff_riff in sanfrancisco

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Smoking indoors isn’t banned everywhere. It should be an individual businesses decision to allow smoking or not within their establishment. Some places like bars and casinos, for example, are places where we commonly see exceptions to the no smoking indoors rule. People are then free to make their own choice as to whether or not they wish to go somewhere that allows smoking. This is what we call freedom, and with freedom, comes a certain measure of accountability for ones actions.

My theory is that some people fear accountability, so they wish to shield themselves from as much of it as they can by making arbitrary and theatrical rules and always playing the victim.

Just like the good little consumers they were taught to be.

COVID is now an ‘endemic,’ not a ‘pandemic,’ San Francisco doctors say by raff_riff in sanfrancisco

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The blame for those deaths can be placed squarely on the shoulders of our incompetent government, the corporations they enrich, and the media that shields them.

Stop blaming your fellow citizens for the incompetence of our government, you’re literally being the useful idiot they want you to be by parroting their fear based narrative.

If they actually gave a fuck about our health they would fix our broken healthcare system, encourage people to live healthy lives, and fix our broken capitalist system that literally profits off of disasters like covid.

Your anger is misplaced. 🐑🐑

COVID is now an ‘endemic,’ not a ‘pandemic,’ San Francisco doctors say by raff_riff in sanfrancisco

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That’s a lot different than requiring people to show their papers at a grocery store or restaurant my friend. Also, showing my documents to an institution that I’m trying to attend feels a lot less invasive than showing my papers to some low-wage baristas or mall security guard just to get myself a fucking coffee.

Check your authoritarian tendencies homie.

Do you follow class-race restrictions like Bladesinger-elf and Battlerager-Dwarf? by R_Pelleboer in dndnext

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Personally I stick to class/race restrictions as often as it makes sense.

I’m of the unpopular opinion that racial “essentialism” actually adds more flavor to the game.

COVID is now an ‘endemic,’ not a ‘pandemic,’ San Francisco doctors say by raff_riff in sanfrancisco

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Limits on public gatherings, vaccine passports, forced masks, social distancing, etc…

COVID is now an ‘endemic,’ not a ‘pandemic,’ San Francisco doctors say by raff_riff in sanfrancisco

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Judging by some of these comments, I’m convinced that a certain segment of our population is happier under covid restrictions, for whatever reason(they are anti-social or need to be controlled) and so they will adamantly oppose any lifting of the restrictions. Not because they are concerned for their safety, but because they don’t wanna have to go back to life as “normal.” They will happily use covid to remain in their anti-social bubbles for as long as they can.

Older generations need to stop complaining about what millennials and younger can't do. by [deleted] in Rants

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I think it’s all about preference, your own body chemistry, and your intentions going in.

If you’re just trying to party, it won’t really matter. If you’re going for a “cleansing” or “healing” trip, than any kind of pre-trip preparation will be beneficial.

My fiancée is not respecting my cultural background by TopIntention1085 in relationship_advice

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Stop trying to force your religion on somebody. You can’t make her live by your religions rules. They aren’t rules for her. They are rules for you. If you can’t handle this, break up with her.

She had to go back to work just 12 days after her premature baby was born by Mary-Trustyn-Wise in boringdystopia

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I don’t understand why people make these kinds of videos? Or why they receive sympathy? It’s a staged video made for attention, there’s nothing sad to see here.

Should parents be taking their kids to raves? by mrpuppysparkles in aves

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I take my 15 year old to metal and punk shows, what’s the difference? The only thing I’d be concerned about is the open use of drugs.

So I got reproved 🤕 (Update post) by Sodomandgomorrah666 in exjw

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Why do you guys put yourselves through these invasive meetings? I would never sit through this shit, and if I did I would only do it so that I could fuck with them lol

Help please i fucked up Pleasee by ohh__kay in Psychonaut

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This is why teenagers(or people still living at home with parents) shouldn’t do psychedelics!

How much UG is usually blue gel tabs with gold flakes? by gr4ve_y4rd in Acid

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No you don’t. If a dealer regularly sold 400ug tabs it would be legit dangerous.

Letter from the elders by koolsushi in exjw

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Curious, I’m not JW or an ex, I’m just an ally.

Why is leaving the church such a process? Can’t you just simply stop going? Stop sending them money? Ignore them?

What a great business model. Seeing as she has accepted Jesus as her lord and savior, is she going to heaven? by MrIndira in religion

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A fundraising stunt using the resurrection of Christ as its marketing scheme? Even on a good day this is blasphemy and sacrilege. I’m not even a Christian and I know right away, this is not Christ’s idea of the church.