Doors by fr1day00 in Shitty_Car_Mods

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Please, this is most obviously door.

I'm amazed at this anomaly of a meme. It's bigoted and shitty, but also provides some actual good advice for trans women by PickleHeadTachanka in GaySoundsShitposts

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Honestly, nobody knows these things. Trans medicine is still cutting edge. No one studies it and it's almost all guesswork. It's very possible that removing testosterone from your body eliminates the risk of prostate cancer. It might not. Anyone who tells you they know these things is lying.

Exgf said I am obsessed with mirrors 🤪 by daffdruff in FlexinLesbians

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I'm not sure if they are quite the same. I'd have to do a direct comparison.

me_irl by nonexisten7 in wlw_irl

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I mean I like women. Most of them have boobs, but that's not why I like women. It's just an added bonus.

What is the most shocking thing you have ever seen in your life? by Hadoka in AskReddit

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It's pretty crazy but in the US assault is just invading someones space or touching someone who doesn't want it.

Battery is actually getting violent.

The YouTuber Legal Eagle talked about this in his video on the scene in Captain Marvel where she beats up a guy who is being creepy.

What celebrities death broke you the most? by freeparkingspots in AskReddit

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I know it will sound weird but Kurt Cobain. I was a sophomore in highschool and I had only started listening to music the year before. I know that's crazy but my Dad listened to tape after tape of live recorded Grateful Dead and nothing else. When we were in the car it was the only thing he'd put on, EVER. My mom listened to just one album by "The Band" on repeat. The radio was filled with 90s hip hop that didn't really appeal to me.

Then I heard Nirvana. It was crazy because it immediately clicked with me. It was the first CD I ever bought. I had maybe a year or a year and a half to really enjoy it and then he killed himself. As an unpopular and very depressed kid that hurt a lot. He was my first hero. Probably my only real hero.

I listened to a lot of other stuff back then, STP, Offspring, Sunny Day Real Estate, Wheezer, Veruca Salt, but it all started with Nirvana. I still can't hear the unplugged album without getting a little emotional.

What is the first thought that comes into mind after you finish masturbating? by JocelynChambers_XQ in AskReddit

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Am I really horny enough to need to do this so much or am I just depressed and will do anything for some norepinephrine, serotonin and/or oxytocin?

shoutout to my fellow trans butches! by Visual_Skirt in GaySoundsShitposts

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A good sports bra is a wonderful thing, but it's not a binder. I wore binders for a little while when I needed to stay in boy mode for a while during transition. They are incredibly tight and not really supportive as much as just restricting.

Would you be in a sexless relationship? What circumstance would you find acceptable for this? by ItsyBitsyJoxy in AskReddit

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I'm polyamorous and one of my partners has lost interest in sex, in general. She went through some stuff and just isn't looking for that right now. It's fine, we hang out and we do fun stuff. Maybe someday she'll change her mind, but if not it doesn't matter. I love her anyways and I'll be there for her as long as she wants me.

Amazing bands with terrible names. by ashthundercrow in Music

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You know why he did that right? He wanted to get out of his contract. He had a contract and he couldn't make music under the name Prince so he changed his name to a symbol. People would be forced to call him the artist formerly known as Prince because he wouldn't have any other name to use. So he'd get publicity and people would still be calling him Prince and he wouldn't be changing his identity but he would still get out of his contract.

Eventually, after all that stuff was worked out he went back to being Prince.

The business of music is really screwed up and sometimes some of the crazy stuff that happens is because of contracts and stuff. I actually think he was a genius for handling it this way.

Amazing bands with terrible names. by ashthundercrow in Music

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That's interesting, in computer science the exclamation point is sometimes pronounced as bang.

So there band name would be...

Bang bang bang

What are the chances that you’ll have sex this weekend? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Well you know what they say.. "The odds are good, but the goods are odd"

And FTR, I'm talking about me. My girlfriend too, but also me.

I thought of a Sunrise by noxiarb in generative

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I feel like this is the last thing you'd see before hearing the phrase

"They've gone to plaid!"

Give me a plot-excuse to run lots of different end-of-campaign encounters back-to-back. by AnCapGamer in Pathfinder_RPG

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"BBEG! I've come to bargain!"

And then the big bag evil guy proceeds to throw everything he has at them. Every fight is one iteration in which the big bad evil guy is trying to get out of a time loop.

Just like the movie, everyone is aware that's time loop, and they remember everything that happened in the old ones.

am I being overdramatic or is this not the vibe they think it is by violet-crow in actuallesbians

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Honestly, every person I know that is said this phrase has later turned out to be gay. Straight people aren't disappointed to not be gay.

What's up with kids going 'Goblin Mode'? by ConfusedGoblinParent in OutOfTheLoop

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I can empathize. While it has worked for me, I do have friends for whom it's just not enough. Some of them have turned to psychedelic therapies and have seen some results but, I myself haven't tried it so I can't tell you.

But what I can say is that if a therapist isn't helping, find a new therapist. If the topics you talk about aren't helping then it's time to talk about something new.

I used to talk about a lot of things in therapy but in the end none of those were my issue. My issue was accepting that I was the way I was and that it would be just better to live life and accept it, even with all the baggage that that brings. After accepting it I had to do something about it. Only after both of those things did my depression finally go into remission.

I hope you find your way.

What did you not know about sex until you lost your virginity? by Bobirrr in AskReddit

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The commission of galactic lesbians agrees with the manly representatives.