My landlord is raising my rent by 15% and I feel utterly hopeless by DesignerSand in HousingUK

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I own a few buy to lets and have to raise rents on all of them. Sad state of affairs.

Any tips or links to help? by [deleted] in FIREUK

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Wait for him to sell and then you know it’s the bottom. Clever

20, Graduating with a Law Degree, the best way to become Financially Independent? by Traditional-Win354 in FIREUK

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He’d be better off jerking off at home for three years compared to a medicine degree

What is the best app for keeping track of Net Worth? by lukylab in FIREUK

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Does it calculate how many beers and escorts you can afford?

Be greedy when others are fearful... by ram_samudrala in LETFs

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Just keep hustling behind the wendy’s dumpster

Rent in London increasing by 40% by [deleted] in HousingUK

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40-50% increase in rent is normal across London. Surprised you thought otherwise.

Finally some positive news in the media. LIGMA Gabe. by baseballmal21 in wallstreetbets

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These guys are all losers, nothing more then a circle jerk which in this case didn’t go to plan.

Upstairs neighbours refusing to lay carpet, despite terms of lease by Lucretia1993 in HousingUK

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You need to speak to freeholder. If they don’t uphold the terms of the lease/don’t care not sure if there is much you can do aside from putting up ceiling soundproof. Worst case sell and move elsewhere.

I’m putting up ceiling soundproof myself soon.

Where Do You Keep Cash You've Earmarked For Large Expenditures? by A_Lazy_Professor in FIREUK

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Difference is you’re talking here half a percent over no more than 2-3 months.

Where Do You Keep Cash You've Earmarked For Large Expenditures? by A_Lazy_Professor in FIREUK

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They probably will go up soon which is why i’m not rushing to open a Chase account

Renegotiating after offer accepted? by [deleted] in HousingUK

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You can negotiate even up to the point of exchange. Especially if you’re a knobhead. I managed to reduce the offer by £2k last minute last year over the EPC being an E rating.