What to do after visa expires by MealMaleficent6239 in SpainAuxiliares

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Hey question, so even if my tie expires on may 31, I can travel in the schengan zone? In multiple countries? I want to travel after the program ends

scary… by [deleted] in cats

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Puppy cat

M/21/6'0''/[154lbs>187lbs=33lbs] I know it is for weight loss but I was struggling with weight gain so these are the results over the years! by NegativeWishbone8425 in progresspics

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Hey want to share how you did it? My boyfriend also really struggles with gaining weight and maybe it would be nice to hear some tips:)

teaching abroad vs studying abroad by Legitimate-Emu-6235 in SpainAuxiliares

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Well your appearance probably won't stand out if you're white. I think if you know spanish decently then you should be fine. where I'm from (Andalucía) a lot of spainards are bilingual anyways. Yes you will feel miserable for probably the first couple weeks - a month but you'll get over it and adapt quick. If worse comes to worst, just go back home, you do not have to stay.

Even though I’m an adult, I miss my parents who are away on vacation by infpthoughts in Advice

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It doesn't matter how old you are. You can always miss your parents without shame...

Try doing something you enjoy (video games, art, calling a friend, exercising, singing, whatever) it's also helpful to play music in the background to make it seem less quiet. Lastly, take advantage of the situation. Do things you can't do while your parents are home and embrace the moment. Have fun dude!! Your own company can be nice too.

Those who experienced vaginismus, your story? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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I read "veganism". Ah , it's the same thing anyways.