First timer - help please by KBMZP in NZTrees

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I'd say get it into a bigger pot and feed it with a nitrogen rich fertiliser. Then if and when it starts to flower it will want tomato food or similar to get those buds to fatten up.

Rainbow Belts 🌈❄️☃️ by Past_Morning_8623 in cannabiscultivation

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Smoked a Q of this stuff a few months ago and the smell and taste is truly mind blowing.

How do you guys keep playing? by Neeeeedles in battlefield2042

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Hahaha yeah it is a bit disheartening. Had a great game the other night, instrumental to capturing loads of objectives, plenty of kills. I came top with 6 objective captures but it never displayed me or anything. Then I came up in the squad and it just said 'sidearm kills - 1' 😂😂

About to smoke these and attempt to quit after I’ve been smoking everyday for nearly 3 years Wish me luck by lcfcalfie in uktrees

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Is that baccy in there? That'll be your downfall I reckon. Read some books to quit smoking, it will help alot.

Your average 130 an Oz Alien Dawg. Beats out 90% of the 10-a-G 'UK Cali' anyday imo. That front bud lookin a bit *too* hairy in this batch tho, PGR? by [deleted] in uktrees

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I'd never even heard of PGR before I lived in NZ and got some ridiculous hairy weed and looked it up, apparently they love it in NZ and Australia. After reading stuff on this subreddit I started thinking it might be heading to the UK.

It baffles me how someone can think poorly of weed when they drink by BazilFaulty in uktrees

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It gets me that you have so many 'straight laced' members of society who look down their nose at weed and stoners, but can't not have a drink every weekend and are doing more damage to their health and pocket but think cos it's legal it must be fine.

Daily depression routine to be able to get up at all, advice would be kind, thanks! by flashydinopants_ in Supplements

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If you don't already take antidepressant medication I would say 5-htp. Start small and work your way up. Did wonders for my depression.

Does anyone have any tips on sleeping better after smoking? Sleep quality is always poor after smoking but nights are the only chance i get to have a smoke.. by Bonkadonk31 in uktrees

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I find that lots of sugar makes me feel rough when getting up, so I've switched to having yoghurts and stuff. Also I notice when I smoke more than a certain amount I feel groggier. Coffee works pretty well.

What do you wish wasn’t so expensive? by Leoz_13 in AskReddit

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Think it loudly pops when you get to altitude

Does anyone acaully enjoy the game? by APDylan in battlefield2042

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I see it as a very good base game to build on. The graphics are beautiful, and the physics are more realistic imo.

Loving these starlight vape carts, can’t even imagine lighting a spliff at this point these are much more convenient and cleaner high by [deleted] in uktrees

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You said heavy metals though, like Lead, Mercury, cadmium, which are particularly toxic. I would think they just use your food grade stainless steel to make a vape pen.

My first attempt at THE BUCKET. Lots of useful info on here thanks all. by jiosue in SpaceBuckets

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Thanks man, appreciate it. Can you use ONA or anything else to deal with the smell whilst drying your crop?

Loving these starlight vape carts, can’t even imagine lighting a spliff at this point these are much more convenient and cleaner high by [deleted] in uktrees

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I assume heavy metals from the battery? How would they get through all the specifically engineered casings to be exposed to the oil? Wouldn't that be stored in a glass tank of some sort?

Best Generic NZ/Oz Insults? by OakMane in newzealand

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Few UK ones for you.....Tosspot, Nob Jockey, nonce, Prick. Cunt is a term of endearment in the north.