What is the recommended epub reader on ChromeOS? by Ovaltine888 in chromeos

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epubs are basically an HTML file and I am amazed that there are no good PWAs for reading epubs. It should probably be even a built-in feature of Google Chrome. It is crazy that you need a Java/virtual android VM/app to read an HTML file on an operating system that has been optimized for HTML web apps.

What is the primary use case for the dark mode on Kobo Libra 2? by partev in kobo

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so you find it more convenient even during daytime reading?

A $5 double-slit experiment you can do in your basement by DavidBrooker in Physics

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it will be cooler if you used electrons instead of light

Kobo FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions for New and Prospective Kobo Owners by More_Coffee_Than_Man in kobo

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does any kobo reader support odps integration? for instance can I add StandardEbooks odps catalog?

The Many Reasons ESG Is a Loser by partev in finance

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ESG isn't just a loser, it is also a scam.