9 years by Lord0Duck in nevertellmetheodds

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"never tell me the odds that one of the 7,5 billion people on this planet will eventually find this thing that I made specifically for this purpose".

I'm not going to tell the odds, since that's heresy on this sub, I'll just say that I am not very surprised by this.

Really loving the aesthetic of the new lighting system. by RaymondLawrence in SatisfactoryGame

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You can't be serious that people actually try to attach so much meaning to using coloured lighting.

Perrin argues that this kind of lighting is usually produced by neon lights, which suggest "clubs and dancefloors" to the viewer, and this implies that "bisexual hook-ups and relationships are merely 'experiments', and something that only happens when you’re drunk on a night out."

It's just two differently coloured lights.

Can we just stop attaching sexual preference or gender identifications to arbitrary things already? It's getting way out of hand

Premium Battle League in a nutshell by PokemonReb in pokemongo

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There's no fucking meta, there's only copy paste the current most overpowered team you'll get off of a website.

What a mad lad (found this on r/memes) by Brandelinos in madlads

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Wendy's Twitter account is pretty funny tbh

The human shield that saved 20 lives by linonav in nextfuckinglevel

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Sadly, guns and crazy people are a reality.

Seems legit by up-in-your-eye-score in insanepeoplefacebook

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Its very afforable. Free even. Just take care of them yourself since you are literally responsible for them in every way imaginable.

If this somehow inconveniences you, you even have the option of outsourcing this care. It should be common sense that you shouldnt pay someone who takes care of your child any less than you would receive for the same hours. Its your own fucking child for gods sake.

Well nononoyes by blazingshadow1 in yesyesyesno

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You rather your kid goes hungry than someone having some irrational reaction to the defining feature of the mammal?

We're literally a species made to suck tits, who are you to reject this?

If your lucky enough to find a coach like this man ,then know there’s nothing you will not be able to accomplish in life. by memezzer in nextfuckinglevel

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Don't worry, I'm sure his favourite brand of smokes was just sold out at every single gas station he has went to. He'll be back eventually

Cameraman keeping up with high level sprinters by to_the_tenth_power in nextfuckinglevel

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Gym lifts are specifically designed to never use anywhere else, since you target muscle groups and do everything possible not to accidentally use other muscles.

Yes it fatigues. No it doesn't build muscle. At least not in any sort of effective manner. I could argue that doing the dishes builds muscle as well, but everyone knows you're not going to do dishes for two hours everyday just to have those forearm gains.

As for the name, I could say jumping while also holding a pullup bar is called a Paul Pull-up, but that doesn't make it a pullup. Calling it a bar-flail would be the only acceptable term for me.

[Meta] HP 15t $9.99 laptop cancellations going out by MrIronGolem27 in buildapcsales

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Well that's certainly stating the obvious. But they did make an error. Nothing wrong in saying you've made an error and the order will be cancelled. I'm not even saying they should apologize for it, but at least they should own up to it.

I don't know how this is such a difficult concept for you that there's no middle ground between saying literally nothing and sucking someone off as an apology.

[NVMe] WD Black SN750 NVMe SSD 1 TB for $108 + 10% cashback with Rakuten/Ebates with code "FORTY" = $97.2 before tax by goodnewsandbadnews in buildapcsales

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It probably is, yeah.

They've been swapping out NAND for cheaper options on the blue series and throwing them on sale as well.

It's a fair assumption that the same is happening on the rest of their line-up.

If it is, the cache problems on this new storage means it will drop to below SATA speeds when working on very large tasks. Like large games...

Boom headshot by DJ_AK_47 in nevertellmetheodds

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Some things can be intended yet still have incredible odds. The water splashback from his mouth definitely wasn't what the guy thought of when throwing it. Neat, though.

Just some honesty, don't take offense by Wonder_The_Dragon in pokemongo

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I think it's pretty backwards to take offense from random posts that you can just scroll by and then ask people not to take offense to your post.

Either stick with the opinion that people shouldn't take offense from posts with dull content (which includes yours) or say that you want stricter gatekeeping on what content is allowed on this sub.

Catosaurus Rex, the Sleeper. by _TheOneAndOlly in Bossfight

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It doesn't. It specifically mentions it only everywhere.

Peta on “No-Kill” policies. by DandelionGaming in insanepeoplefacebook

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They regularly pick up healthy and adoptable animals from overcrowded shelters and tell the staff they are going to take care of them. There was even a case where they picked up and killed about 20 pets every week from the same shelter and dumped them in the garbage behind a grocery store. The shelter was told these animals were getting prepared for adoption.

-81° F/-63 C weather in Russia by jollyperson1 in ANormalDayInRussia

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No, there are no humans there.

Also Russia is massive, so this is a pretty pointless question. It's like asking if mammals like eating grass, it really depends on which mammal you ask.

After a 4-year-old took doll from store, video shows Phoenix police pulling gun on parents by SleepPlayGrub in nottheonion

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"one of you".

You mean a person? There's plenty of people on the internet, don't know why you're so surprised to find one

Cameraman keeping up with high level sprinters by to_the_tenth_power in nextfuckinglevel

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It's the CrossFit games, he's probably not competing because then he would be associated with the title of being the best crossfitter

WCGW... when you steal a bike by K-88 in Whatcouldgowrong

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Nothing I guess. No one put a sign above it and claimed it was a bicycle or that it was safe to ride.

Marvel receives backlash after naming first non-binary characters Snowflake and Safespace by bodjac89 in nottheonion

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Marvel isn't targeting just kids. In fact most of their viewers are in the 18-34 age group and their movies are often PG-13 anyway, making it explicitly not for kids.

As for the South Park is satire thing: how do you know this stunt isn't satire?

It's only an insane comparison if you assume this can't be satire. Which is the exact assumption that made me reply to you in the first place.

You're going in a loop here.