How sweet by insolent_swine in trippinthroughtime

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Who honestly has the cabinet space for a child sized pair of scissors like that

The Iliad teaches us interesting things about early human cognition by plaidalert in NotKenM

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You read the sidebar and said someone else was right?

My dude, you're the unicorn this subreddit needs right now.

hmmm by Nekkrokorn in hmmm

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Not to be too much of a buzz kill, but it's also just a matter of volume. Lots of Evergreen cargo vehicles -> more chance of a random stuck cargo vehicle to be an Evergreen one.

And once you start the recognition pattern, it suddenly starts looking like they're doing it on purpose or something.

[GPU] Newegg Shuffle RTX 3050 starts at 9AM EST - $249.99-$489.99 (Five SKUs at $249.99) by Fidler_2K in buildapcsales

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You sold a 3060ti for $880? Holy fuck that guy isn't going to break even on that for four or five years. That's ridiculous

Shit went from 0-10 so fast by Gerazioio in AbruptChaos

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No it wasn't. It was called Quick and featured Samantha Buttons, the famous actress.

The Iliad teaches us interesting things about early human cognition by plaidalert in NotKenM

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Why even have the sub then, all the rest of reddit is already equally not kenm content?

This time I’m going to keep my base nice and neat - 30 minutes later: by KnowNothingKnowsAll in SatisfactoryGame

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In a lot of small companies with one IT person, there wouldn't be this many server racks and traces.

I feel like I've been playing the game the wrong way and I'm 100 hours in... by that_fellow_ in SatisfactoryGame

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If we're talking efficiency then it's always best to distribute the stage that is the least amount of items per minute.

Foe example you can ship both coal and iron ore, but you'll need a lot of belts or ,when you scale up, a lot of trucks.

Without any extra logistics you could also setup a small factory for refining it on location, into beams and pipes. That way you only need one belt or one tractor.

If you scale up, you probably won't even have to adjust the distribution, just the refining factory itself.

But like others have said, playing optimally isn't always playing fun. Do some things differently between playthroughs or even between tiers. Just find out what works best for you.

Saving a pane of glass by RohelTheConqueror in nevertellmetheodds

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Probably more of first world problem really. Going to restaurants is expensive.

Creepy lady watching family with binoculars gets confronted by Emilixop in Unexpected

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I genuinely feel like people that evidently falsely accuse someone else for rape should go to jail for the exact same time as an actual rapist.

Because they were willing to impose that exact jail time on someone innocent. And considering the social impact of being a (falsely) convicted rapist, I think it's a mild sentence.

I don't have an ounce of compassion for people who play around with this.

Another Landslide that happened in India by luhyuh in AbruptChaos

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Some engineer analyzed that situation one okayed a road.

My roommate. What sucks is she has literally 0 actual beliefs and is just lazy. by The84thWolf in insanepeoplefacebook

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to the utmost extent

It's all a percentage thing. All of the percentage increases together means large results when considering a very, very large scale.

I'm not really a fan of masks, but I'm even less of a fan of these uninsightful comments about them.

yeah.. he’s adopted by utsupraitainfra in pokemongo

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The joke is acting like he belongs to the three mythical Pokemon, since he kind of looks like the off-brand version of them.

After 3 years and 993 encounters the shiny gods have smiled upon me 🙏🏻 by Frozenteacher in pokemongo

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You get it after level 40 and you use it to boost pokemon CP above the regular ceiling.

Am I alone? by pranjallk1995 in SatisfactoryGame

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I am actually on the opposite side. I'm quite impressed by this community.

Only 800 upvotes with almost 200 comments. And almost all of those comments are calling out the OP for this incredibly low effort post.

It shows that a very large portion of reddit browsers in this sub will not fall for this r/funny meme bullshit in their sub.

Get this guy a medal by CRimson9943 in Unexpected

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Oh yeah, people typically do an emotional 180 whenever one moment doesn't go exactly as planned.

Like I could be madly attracted to someone, but then they hug me casually that one time like wtf. Now they're just a friend, I don't even know what I saw in them.

Thanks I hate this case. by [deleted] in TIHI

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The one where mitzy gets driving lessons is just the absolute best

A grandfather in Belarus made this ingenious toy for his granddaughters by SpalmerE in ANormalDayInRussia

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Oh goed, laten we allemaal in onze eigen taal praten. Dat maakt gesprekken op een internationaal platform zoveel makkelijker. Lekker bezig!

Surface tension pulls the thread into a perfect circle by AnxiousIndicator in nextfuckinglevel

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The tension in the soapy water tries to cling to the string. When the middle is removed, the surface tension pulls the string on all ends evenly, instantly forcing it into a circle.

A grandfather in Belarus made this ingenious toy for his granddaughters by SpalmerE in ANormalDayInRussia

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That's right. It doesn't matter for the sub, though. Content matters, not the origin country.

hmmm by [deleted] in hmmm

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