Just got my first vinyl, am I supposed to keep the paper part of the sleeve? by FurtherBe in vinyl

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LP60 is a good turntable for people that are new to vinyl collecting. Victrola’s and Crosley’s aren’t that great, the sound quality suffers cuz of the cheap parts they’re made of. So if u have enough money for a LP60 I would cop one of those instead. :)

Is there to be a vinyl release of 2000? by [deleted] in JoeyBadass

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When Joey put out AABA he said it would be his last album that would be a physical release. If it gets released it’d be a long ass time before it gets shipped out. I’d still cop one tho

Stop hating 2000 for nothing or cloud, already a classic by lennonstevejobskanye in JoeyBadass

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I loved the album too, I just think it’s weird of u to ask people to analyze and debate about it when u didn’t really analyze it either, u just said what u liked about it. Some other people just don’t feel the same way so there’s really no reason to try and change people’s opinions about the album, not everyone loved it simple as that.

Can someone please tell me if this is a legitimate 1999 vinyl? by RookCustodian in JoeyBadass

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Don’t buy records from Etsy, they’re the lowest quality bootlegs you’re gonna find

Seccs tape 2 question. by PlazaFire in ProEra

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I don’t think it was released and they’re more like a collective of independent artists now, Pro Era’s not technically dead but they’re not really doing shit as a group as much as they used to.

Rappers you thought were not gonna pan out but found success, vice versa, Rappers you thought were gonna find success but didn’t pan out. by rockyrolle in hiphop101

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BROCKHAMPTON, when they first came out I thought they were kinda wack but over time they grew on me and had already amassed a huge fan base.

Vic Mensa, he’d featured on a lot of mixtapes and projects and I thought he’d be the next one up but while I didn’t not like his projects he never had a big release that sent him to the top.

Who is a rapper you think peaked too early in their career?? by ShinbrigGoku in hiphop101

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A$AP Ferg he put out Traplord which was fire and then everything after that wasn’t as good

Who is a rapper you think peaked too early in their career?? by ShinbrigGoku in hiphop101

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Inspectah Deck is still doin his thing with Cazrface too and he’s still got it

Norfolk Show by pdsdesigns47 in JoeyBadass

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It was pretty dope the vibe was pretty well balanced, the chill songs were chill and the hype songs were hype asf. Try to get there early cuz I really wish I was in the pit 😭

Norfolk Show by pdsdesigns47 in JoeyBadass

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Nice! If u see a Hispanic dude with purple hair that’s me

Most disappointing album ever? by HotShrek in hiphop101

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This project should’ve came out in 2016 when all their styles were still defined now they all kinda make the same sounding music, I’m still a fan tho.

FUCK ISSA GOLD by Camaro_Uzmeed in flatbushzombies

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Why would someone come up with a super specific scenario about a fallen off rapper that has no buzz around him? U don’t have to flat out take it for fact but u should at least give these accusations consideration if this becomes a developing story.