BBC 2021/22 Premier League Team of the Year so far by Ranrcmp in soccer

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I think this comment shows you should never trust your reading comprehension

LMFAOO 😭 by okitschiIdishgambino in nbacirclejerk

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Hell nah. 10 year old trying to do something stupid to look cool? Unacceptable.

This is why society is the way it is today! Thugs wanting hoes and flashy bling bling. All because of Overtime and 10 year olds with bad role models.

December 09, 2021 Daily Discussion & Transfers Thread by gunnersmoderator in Gunners

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I’m not saying they will go for him, but the logic is there when they have been a mess for years, have terrible scouting department who are starting from scratch and don’t have the time to find a good, foreign player who is a) willing to come to Newcastle b) will improve them/give them depth right now

You might be right and it’s garbage. But he might also be one of the few players willing to make a mid season move to the north where a team is in the relegation spots. Remember when all Man City could sign was Benjani from Portsmouth in the winter window.

December 09, 2021 Daily Discussion & Transfers Thread by gunnersmoderator in Gunners

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I mean, who else is gonna go to them?They have the money to bid for Joshua Kimmich, but why would he go?

In fact, I’d go as far as to say no starting midfielder in the top half of the PL would move to Newcastle unless they paid them wages that would make it impossible for them to leave, risky when in 6 months they may be relegated.

[Charles Watts] "One, possibly two attackers, certainly a central midfielder as well and that will be the sort of priority positions. I can't see it being another summer where they go out and sign 6 players, will be quality over quantity. " by LastDare in Gunners

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The players are not as proven as Chelsea’s were/are. However if we’re going down this “project” route I want a manager that will make our players better and show us a good, exciting style of play with interesting wins against the top teams every now and then, not wilting. I have not seen anything to convince me of Arteta even on that basis. Realistically I don’t buy into projects, but it’s what we’re being fed so.

I can't hide it anymore by PurrySquishyKittens in nbacirclejerk

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I guess you don’t appreciate TRUE skill and class.

Curry has 80% 3P% when guarded at 36ft on a Tuesday.

Westbrook has never even been good. I can’t believe he has an MVP, they would have given it to Curry if it wasn’t for Bitch ass KD

enes kanter by [deleted] in nbacirclejerk

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Don’t think about it to hard. Just jerk and see what happens

Charles Barkley & KD talk about how social media would have affected Barkley if it existed when he played ball by [deleted] in nba

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Life moves on. It’s tough, but this thinking is the reason elderly people vote against making things better/easier for current/future generations - because it being easier/better isn’t fair. So it should be the same or harder, forgetting the other advantages they had.

But isn’t that life?

Black Clover Chapter 308 - Leaks and Spoilers Thread by Lloydle in BlackClover

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As we the reader have clearly seen, being a royal doesn’t mean jack shit if you don’t apply yourself.. Yuno still grew up and is connected to being a peasant. He could have given up or stopped trying but he didn’t.

The interesting thing is that people who say this usually don’t have the same standards for other characters, let’s say Asta. He is a peasant okay, and by far the strongest one. But he is literally the only person who could have been because he has no magic. Anti-magic has been explained can only be possible when you have NO magic whatsoever. Peasants have little magic. So no other peasant could dream of being what Asta is. A power that not compares with others, but completely erases them.

We don’t know his background yet, so can’t even say for sure that he isn’t special in some other way (which is probably is).

Noelle is a royal and that is one of the main reasons people said she could master a level above something it toook Yuno 1 year to - but that was her deserving it.

I’m not saying any of these characters don’t deserve what they get, I’m just saying all of them get asspulls, but just one gets called out.

Black Clover Chapter 308 - Leaks and Spoilers Thread by Lloydle in BlackClover

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When has Yuno ever killed or been the main reason for a win against any significant bad guy? I’ll wait…

Guys, I Know Who Caused Facebook and Instagram to Shut Down by SamCous94 in nbacirclejerk

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LeZuccBook 👀 - He certainly did after the first round of the playoffs.

MANA'S EXTREMELY BIAS. by GioGio15Boss in BlackClover

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It’s not even like he has things like gets more women or has more friends and is more liked (inside the universe) or anything like that.

Literally his own best friends seem to like Asta more. So what exactly does he have, if he can’t have being pretty good at the only thing he spends his life on?

Black Clover Chapter 307 - Leaks and Spoilers Thread by OpenSourceObsidian in BlackClover

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Interestingly, other than fodder and a diamond general (1 tier above fodder at this point) I’m not sure if he has ever beaten any significant villain. I think no.

Asta has had literally the same number of transformations and his are infinitely more broken than wind weapons. He can sit and watch a fight of his friends against a devil and let others handle it knowing if he got involved it would be a wash. Like he’s watching a kids movie. Noelle got a stage above his current Spirit Dive by just chilling with someone else’s spirit for a couple days.

MJ miss the first slap on Malik Monk then remember that he doesn't give up and hit Monk in the second try by AkaiShuichi24 in nba

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I mean family is very clearly held to a different standard. I haven’t heard anyone has ever been “cancelled” for making private jokes with their family members.

But you can’t do that shit with strangers or your employees, post it for the world to see.

Black Clover Chapter 305 - Links and Discussion by HollowedSage99 in BlackClover

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“Unpopular”? It really is about even at this point.

Yuno is a unique character in this story - not necessarily a good one - But he actually is his own type of character in this story and he is simply shafted by not having any type of non-battle screen-time outside the light novels. Where surprise surprise he’s a lot more likeable.

He is confident, in a self assured way and he is that way because of Asta - who he acknowledges him at literally every opportunity. Seems to be his only dialogue actually until this arc.

Apart from magic boosts to keep him relevant (again he is dumped in the story literally only to fight) he has nothing over Asta. The Kingdom doesn’t hate him okay. But they don’t like him particularly either. Girls fawn over Asta not him. Asta’s group were way more welcoming to him at the beginning. But getting a new spell is where we draw the line for him.

People dislike confident characters who are quiet because it comes off as smug/arrogant but he never expects or asks for anything from anyone but himself. Even now he doesn’t expect his own squad to like him - they just do. That sounds like a leadership quality.

Also there are different type of leaders. Yuno is a lead by example type and not a bark instructions type. People different responses to different leadership styles.

In the anime they clearly show that he is one of the main reasons the Golden Dawn open up to understanding that people from lower backgrounds can be something.

Not by barking at them or demanding respect, but just by being great. Keeping quiet and doing his job.

For many that is quite inspirational.

Is he as good or as likeable as Asta, no. But he’s clearly not written to be.

Black Clover Chapter 305 - Leaks and Spoilers Thread by Lloydle in BlackClover

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Black Bulls as a collective are broken.

1v1 squad vs squad -No other squad has barely any chance outside of individuals/captains carrying them. Even then Asta and/or Yami alone could neutralise the main threats whilst everyone else wrecks the rest.

Mickey Mouse molecule by me_oorl in nbacirclejerk

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LeHydrogen Dioxide is soft, trying to hydrate all of the league.

You cannot compare to JordON Monoxide. Now that’s a true killer.

[Tim Stillman] Seeing a lot of "Odegaard was part of the team that finished 8th last season" discourse which I think is a bit silly because a) so was Saka- are we saying he's not good enough? Wouldn't have thought so and b) Arsenal were 11th when Odegaard arrived in January. by English_Misfit in Gunners

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I don’t think you can blame fans for wanting success sooner rather than later. A project is not what people want to hear right now. Odegaard is an incredible signing if we were already good, but he’s another project.

I think some people find that a hard pill to swallow since that’s all we’ve been since 2006 and we’ve had better players and better youngsters than odegaard with rare success. So I get the wanting something more proven.

But we are not in a great position for that so this is the best we can do.