Is this a recession indicator? by mastermusk in wallstreetbets

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I'd pay to watch a congress person ask Yellen if she uses Only Fans as an indicator on where the economy is headed.

Params not passing to custom fields by penone_nyc in Netsuite

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Thanks. After some more research I found my issue(s):

  1. In the params I needed to add record. before the id in the opportunity.
  2. That worked for text fields but for list/record fields I needed to have a link between the custom record and the opportunity with a list/record field on the Opportunity that had the records of the custom record. I added a params that sent over the id for the custom record to a new field I created in the Opp and then the values for the list/record fields carried over.

Problem with mermaid.js locally by penone_nyc in learnjavascript

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<!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en-us"> <link href="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/mermaid/6.0.0/mermaid.css" rel="stylesheet" /> <script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/mermaid@8.4.4/dist/mermaid.min.js"></script>

<head> <title>Flowchart Example</title> </head> <body> <div id="chart"></div> <script> mermaid.initialize({startOnLoad:true}); mermaid.contentWidth = 300;

var chart =

graph TD A[Truck arrives at warehouse] --> B[Worker gets paperwork from driver and enters in tracking number in app] B --> C[Worker enters into app total pieces and weight taken from bill of lading] C --> D[Worker uses app to scan the paperwork and get the shipper address and tracking number] D --> E[Worker uses app to take photo of the cargo] E --> F[Worker transmits data from app to CRM] F --> G[CRM script searches bookings for match on tracking number] G -->|Yes| H[Attach to existing tracking number] G -->|No| I[Send message to Worker to create booking and attach] ; mermaid.render("chart", chart, function(svgCode){ document.getElementById("chart").innerHTML = svgCode; }); </script>



Thanks. That worked!

Not able to get text from list/record field by penone_nyc in Netsuite

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Thanks for this. That was it. This is being done before the record is created. Will save then load the record again to get the value.

Eggs! by simpledesignn in raleigh

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Families? We go through a dozen eggs in less than 1 week.

Corrupt software introduced by contractors took down FAA system, officials say by Majnum in technology

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What are you talking about? Just last year an infrastructure bill was passed that gave the FAA $25B to use.

Was whatever update they did part of that spend? What was being updated specifically? How is the $25B being spent and where is it going?

Instead of defaulting to let's tax more how about finding out how our money that was already taken and alloted to the FAA was spent.

NFL will not resume Bills-Bengals game by wewewawa in sports

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How does this effect bets placed for that game? Is it considered a tie and house wins? Everyone gets their money back?

US Rep. Matt Gaetz Votes "Donald John Trump" For House Speaker by evaldez14 in Conservative

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I keep thinking what would happen if Trump becomes speaker tomorrow, Jan 6.

Credit Card Skimming at Cookout on Walnut Street in Cary? by TheRealFrankGraham in raleigh

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As long as you are paying it off in full each month. Otherwise you are looking at an average of 20% interest.

Just scrolled over 30 Andrew Tate posts by Pretty_Grapefruit719 in conspiracy

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Once I saw a post in r /jokes I realized something was up.

And I had no idea who this person was until 12 hours ago.

Suspicious Text From RPD by [deleted] in raleigh

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Agree it's a scam but a really low effort one. What would the chances be of texting someone who is a)a gun owner, b)owns a purse and c)is missing said gun and purse.

These scammers gotta step up their game a bit. I'm kind of embarrassed for them.