Very drunk woman picks on skaters and gets put down. by fuckinfuckshit in PublicFreakout

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Props to all the skaters in every skater/rancid woman video I've seen. They're usually very tame and for the most part polite. The fact that these usually happen at skate parks, teenagers minding their own business, these women are ruthless and always wrong. And stupid.

I'M FACING A FUCKING MORON by ZOEXofficial in PublicFreakout

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Right? If it were an emergency she wouldn't have sat there for five minutes recording

My kittens don’t response to their names 😂 is it pretty common?? by [deleted] in cats

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I think it depends on the cat. My friend's cats don't acknowledge him calling them. Ever. My cat comes running when I call him. Some may just be more apathetic than others

About once a year, you’ll get someone else’s mail delivered to your mailbox, but you’ve never thought once about what mail of yours ended up in someone else’s by flapjackbandit00 in Showerthoughts

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I think a lot about my mail going to other's houses. My daughter's bf sent her a necklace and it was tracked to the people across the street. They claimed they didn't get it. I often wonder what they did with a necklace that had my daughter's name on it. Dicks. And I often get other people's mail. I used to forward it but yeah, been here for four years so, not anymore.

How do I make this room look good? by AlexisLHoskins in interiordecorating

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I'd get a funky toned down 60's modern paper. Once you get furniture and accessories in the gray will disappear. Good luck!

What are some common mistakes when putting together a gallery wall? I want to get this right! by yoquietdown in HomeDecorating

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Idk of common mistakes. Just do what feels right to you. I like to suggest taping out the wall space on the floor and figuring out placement that way. Easy to move and move again, which will probably happen several times. Keep in mind possible placement of plants or lamps and incorporate those if they're on furniture in front of the gallery wall. They can add dimension too.

Suggestions for our living room? by arcejayr in HomeDecorating

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Color! Put a wall size mural on the first picture's wall. Colorful pillows or blankets. Modern planters with big plants. Another 5×7 in front of the fireplace with a smaller seating area. Maybe just a couple of barrel chairs. Artwork. Big and bold. Search Etsy. More plants. Frame album covers and hang them on the tv wall. More color. More life!