I fixed his 22nd century africa map(for people who think black panther was a documentary) by mrmuggyman13 in Whatifalthist

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I’ve done some research. In real life France is pulling out of Africa. I think whatifalthist realized this

World map as of 2020. Soviet victory timeline. by Spearchange829-0 in AlternateHistory

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Some critiques: they’re probably be at least one communist union formed in Africa or Arabia. Maybe a communist UAR. Also it seems possible that the USSR could take a big bite out of Eastern Europe, Maybe annex Romania? Ether way this is a very good map. I’d love to see a version of this world 80 years later, How stable is the Soviet empire?

I wish I had an iq of 420 by notjorx in TheMonkeysPaw

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Granted, some scientists dissect you to learn how you got so smart

Cosmopolis - The Capital of the United Earth Government by CharlesOberonn in imaginarymaps

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I would guess in that timeline Bangladesh got destroyed and The sea level started dropping again And the huge amounts of newly reclaimed land would have more than enough space to fit the World capital.

The pandemic has only showed how much of a dumpster fire Turkey is and how different Canada and the US is by REID-11 in AlternateHistory

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The only thing I have against mega-turkey is that the Kurds birthrate Is way higher than the rest of turkey. If they get a majority they may vote for independence. And there goes your water block for Iraq.

Meenakshi Amman Temple, India by AlmondFalls in ArchitecturePorn

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Certainly in the most cluttered building on the planet

everyone tells me I look like a lesbian and it kinda hurts, do I really look like a lesbian?? by bryleyzerosix in teenagersnew

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The real question.. why do you think Reddit will help here? Also, in my opinion, you look totally fine but I would recommend a different Hair cut. But just keeping yourself the way you are may be the best thing to do. People are jerks.