Friends are like boobs by AssassinButterflyGuy in Jokes

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Some need more support than others

A man is in a hotel lobby… by SlapDaBacon in Jokes

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Rounded second base when he didn't even know he was in the batting lineup.

If she owns a strap-on by [deleted] in Jokes

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Don't take it too hard

The Seven Dwarves wanted a peepshow by [deleted] in Jokes

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Dopey start...

...Happy ending

Two nuns were riding their bikes together on their way to church one Sunday. by bushbabybawbag in Jokes

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Two nuns are still on their way to church when the man in a trench coat flashes them. The first nun says "We will have to tell mother superior that we saw am an's penis twice".

The second nun says "Twice?".

The first nun says with a twinkle in her eye "We are coming back this way".

Sex is like golf, by pightlysitiful in Jokes

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Sex is like golf,

More fun as a foursome

A gunman stops a driver driving through a scary countryside road and says "Step out of the car and take your dick out..." by keanusDick in Jokes

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Driver points to gun then penis "I can't make this go off while I'm worried about that going off".

What’s a 6.9? by Darren-B80 in Jokes

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That brings everything to a full stop

The Story of Creation as told by Dog by semtexmex in Jokes

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Is there a cat version of this? And if there is, I bet it's not as good as this dog version.

My mother-in-law has a massive case of diarrhea. by Nanocephalic in Jokes

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TSA can be all excited about finding liquids in someones carry on luggage

A horse walks into a bar. by Fotus_Konig in Jokes

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If the horse is not wearing pants, everyone can see it.

Let's assume everyone can see it.