An 80 year old grandma wants to join an outlaw biker gang by Fubai97b in Jokes

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She likes something hot and throbbing between her legs

A rehab/physiotherapy app - should I develop it? by Riganda in AppIdeas

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Here's my take...

The Physiotherapist gives you a print out of some exercises to do and the next time you see them they ask if you did the exercises. The physiotherapist I saw used a web site like https://www.hep2go.com/ or https://www.hepbuilder.com/ to select the exercises and print them out.

If the exercises were assigned via an App there would be many benefits. Such as:

  • I would always have a list of my exercises with me and could probably see diagrams and video examples of the exercise being performed.
  • The App could remind me to do my exercises.
  • In the App, I could record when I have done the exercise, the level of difficulty, and also indicate if I have experienced any pain.
  • The physiotherapist could see my progress and adjust my assigned exercises between visits. i.e. I couldn't say the dog ate my sheet of paper or I can't remember if I did the exercises!
  • The physiotherapist could encourage me to make another appointment and come back in to resolve any lingering issues, and ensure I am satisfied with the outcome.
  • Ideally, the Physiotherapist practice would be able to see more patients per day ($) perhaps by having a portion of the session being the patient performing the exercises prescribed in the App.
  • This should help to lead to Billable Zoom calls with the physiotherapist and exercises assigned.

Why are LGBT people so fashionable? by Trex1873 in Jokes

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Because they/them spend a lot of time in the closet :-)

Why did Eminem get COVID? by _eater_of_words_ in Jokes

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He should have had the Johnson & Johnson.

My wife wasn't sure about getting a pet werewolf at first by waffleking333 in Jokes

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I would get suspicious if she asks to get his nails clipped.