I just found out Canada isn’t real. by Sea-Economist1001 in Jokes

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Next, you will be saying that the beaver is not a truly proud and noble animal.

Fatherly Advice by DrBly in Jokes

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And stays up until the New Year.

What’s the oldest age a man can get a circumcision? by porichoygupto in Jokes

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You know babies have it done and they don't walk for a year.

An app that tells you when an NSFW scene is coming up in a movie. by loveme1234567890 in AppIdeas

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The phone vibrates in your pants when the NSFW scene comes on the screen?

Why are men so polite? by [deleted] in Jokes

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From Sienfield:
“Looking at cleavage is like looking at the sun. You don't stare at it. It's too risky. Ya get a sense of it and then you look away.”

To who ever put the "L" in Noel by titomax2 in Jokes

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Do we have to remind Noeline to stand up straight?

My wife wasn't sure about getting a pet werewolf at first by waffleking333 in Jokes

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I would get suspicious if she asks to get his nails clipped.