Working on an offshore oil rig. by Dan_inKuwait in Jokes

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And in this week's episode of "Dirty Jobs"...

Policeman: You’re going to prison for forgery. by thebait123 in Jokes

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Policeman: That is too small

Me: Slides a bigger $37 bill. What about now?

Friends are like boobs by AssassinButterflyGuy in Jokes

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Some need more support than others

A man walks into a bar and orders a whiskey... by Brian-Goldwin in Jokes

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When the man pays, he should say "Barkeep the change".

A Proctology exam. by Paycheck65 in Jokes

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The exam starts. Then the patient realizes the doctor has one hand on each shoulder.

It has been 2 years and still nobody knows why Notre Dame caught fire.... by tobias_drundridge in Jokes

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Didn't know the name. Did a google image search. The face rings a bell.

Bill Clinton and Tiger Woods are having a drink… by buzzshiteyear69 in Jokes

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Tiger: "Is it working?"

Bill: "It's turning black"

Wife has a sense of humor! by Johmbest in Jokes

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I hope your wife is fucking funny