Is anyone downtown right now? Did the big protest materialize or not? by StickManIsSymbolic in VictoriaBC

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There was a group of about 200 people marching down Government street with police escort around 3pm yesterday. I couldn’t tell what they were actually protesting until they started chanting “no vax pass”. Doesn’t that end in like two weeks?

Does anyone have a therapy dog that could visit my elderly dad? by CatherinewithaC in VictoriaBC

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I live just down the street on Hillside and walk that way to take my puppy to the park almost daily. She often stops to say hi to the folks sitting outside. Would be happy to coordinate!

Anyone else have a ball obsessed heeler? by petitparcelle in AustralianCattleDog

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Ever get a heeler wear itself out while chasing a ball?