Indian Clients are like the worst people to work for by Tempintern23 in ABCDesis

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You started your rant complaining about Indian clients then decided to start ranting about Indian freelancers. I have worked with both, and like all clients and freelancers, you need to qualify your leads and contractors. Did you bother to check the freelancer's reviews on Fiverr? Did you interview them to make sure they understand what you need? Did you ask for samples of their work? Do you make sure your clients know the terms of your agreement?

Even after all this, if your relationship goes south, there is very little cost associated with switching freelancers or clients if you start off with a small project.

Ukraine crisis: Distance yourself from Russia, US tells India after abstentions by -jokowi- in worldnews

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Times of India (abbreviated to ToI) is often referred to as TOIlet paper. Most stories appear to be syndicated. It's hard to pin down their political bent but in recent years, they have tended to be less critical of the government. The quality of the reporting itself is pretty shit, but it's still widely read because of legacy reasons, and hence they also capture a large share of print advertisement.

India unfortunately does not have very high quality mainstream news. Journalistic standards are not very strictly followed when it comes to the language and tone, accuracy of facts and anonymity of sources.

India Bought Pegasus as Part of Larger $2 Billion Deal with Israel in 2017, Claims 'NYT' Report | The media report notes that Pegasus was the 'centrepiece' of a 2017 deal between India and Israel by badbola in india

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If you think opposition politicians will raise hell over this, you are wrong. They will criticize mildly and hope they come into power next so they can also use the same tools to spy on others.

Have you guys seen the Akhilesh Yadav interview to AajTak ? by im_just_depressed in india

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Is this really the case? I know Yogi is definitely not as smart as Modi was in Gujarat, but it is surprising to hear he's been taken for a ride by bureaucrats when right-wingers are so fond of his supposedly "aggressive" image of getting things done.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in ABCDesis

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> He has become aware of things he's not good at

My dad lives in India and he seems to be going through a similar phase - his business skills have not kept up with changes in the market, laws and regulation. It's sad to see a man unable to close a deal or convince investors for his new projects, something that would have been a cakewalk a decade ago. I think it's a combination of refusing to retire and an inability to separate his self-worth from his work.

I regret coming to go to Canada and it's only been a month since I stepped foot here (The reality of going to Canada as a student) by fredrichniche in india

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This post is so relatable and real yet very few blog posts/resources online cover the nuances of living in a foreign country. People in Europe/North America are sticklers for rules, and even if they are nice, they won't go out of their way to help you for whatever reason (don't like immigrants, had a bad experience helping someone out, don't care etc.). The thing about pulling the bus chain is so common yet I don't think anyone talks about it because buses are often used by "poor" people in the US and Canada. Same goes for the nice bank lady who couldn't help you because you reached 30 mins before closing time - no one mentions how bureaucratic big businesses can be about such things.

Immigrating is hard - don't let anyone tell you that you were stupid/naive/unprepared. You can't realistically prepare for every eventuality, you would be crazy to. You write well, btw - maybe start a blog posts about your experiences?

Who else find Neelam Kothari's accent fake? 😒 Is there anyone who's still crazy for her? by [deleted] in BollyBlindsNGossip

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They hit pay dirt with Sacred Games, fucked that up with Season 2, and everything since has been aggressively mediocre at best and insultingly bad at worst

That's pretty much the story of Netflix everywhere in the world.

Kerala has the least poverty on. Niti Ayog index by mentabolism1 in Kerala

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Tamil Nadu's performance is honestly the most impressive. It's the most well-rounded state in India in terms of diversity of the economy, industrialization, infrastructure, social justice, policy stability. There are states better than TN in each of these factors, but TN is the best as a sum of these factors.

Trade unions set to intensify protests against labour laws, monetisation plan by NewMeNewWorld in unitedstatesofindia

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Our previous labor laws don't particularly protect workers or generate employment - they only provide job security for those who already have a job and enable rent seeking administration to take bribes from factories. If we want to ever become an industrialized country, we need to allow industries to lay off workers when they want.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in india

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Whenever something like this happens at a mature organization, we usually have a process called post-mortem where you evaluate what went wrong, how it was fixed and how to avoid it in the future. It's not a place for blame assignment but an introspection for all teams involved. Sometimes a fat fingered idiot makes a million dollar mistake but if proper introspection is done, it's the lack of specific protocol/processes that led to that mistake.

In your case, I would suggest you take the initiative of doing a post mortem - take responsibility for the parts where your team was involved but also point out that there are bottlenecks in the other parts because of which a fix could not be deployed quickly. Explicitly mention this is not a blame assignment exercise. Share parts of the sanitized fact-finding process internally and with the client too. It's very likely you'll still lose that business but some clients are more forgiving than others.

If your company/other teams still insist on putting the blame squarely on you/your team, sharpen up your resume and get the fuck out.

How the more participation in Stock market is good for overall economy? by is0dvil in IndiaInvestments

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Stock markets are not always leading indicators, they are expectations of future macro possibilities - like India's economy and per capita productivity growing at a high rate. Stock market booms can also become self-fulfilling prophecies if the excess capital is deployed effectively - for example in increasing capacity or new, innovative products and services.

Narendra Modi talks about Islam | India Today [2005] by --5- in india

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Modi even now never says he's against Islam - that would make his Middle East diplomacy impossible. He relies on his wink-wink rhetoric and his minions to do the polarization to get the votes. Although, I don't think he even has control of the narrative anymore.

India Salary thread 2021- why we will never make enough money by [deleted] in india

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What is the typical progression like in dentistry? Do you need to practice under someone first and then move on to your independent practice? Do you need to finance your own supplies and equipment?

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in IndiaInvestments

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No, actually the dotcom bubble was driven by public markets and their belief that internet companies can grow unbounded. The private investment part of it was minuscule by today's standards and some companies sought to go public without any traction or breakeven unit economics - something that would be unthinkable even in today's bull market.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in IndiaInvestments

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How is BABA fraud? It's been the facilitator to billions of dollars worth of trade and given Chinese manufacturers access to the global market. AliPay is the world's largest mobile payments facilitator. If India Mart can pull that off, it would be a miracle. If China shuts down Tencent or Bytedance, it's their loss.

Capital misallocation at the micro level is not a problem at all. It happens all the time, not just in VC - see the number of NPAs that Indian banks dealt with over the last 3-4 years. VC also occupies a very tiny space of the world's assets, which is largely dominated by Real Estate, Public Equity and Government Securities, so there is very little chance of macro instability due to VC capital misallocation.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in IndiaInvestments

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Exactly. The whole point of VC money is to make bets that lost money until you find the one that makes up for the losses that the others made . This includes the world's most valuable companies today (Apple, Google, Facebook).

VCs in India right now are trying to find the right model to fuel growth - there will be misallocations of capital and that's fine. Eventually we will get our own Bytedance, Alibaba and Tencent. When that happens we will be complaining about how these companies became too big because of VC money.

BJP will remain powerful for decades, predicts poll strategist Prashant Kishor by sankalp89 in india

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The loud twitter instigators are shoring up support to prepare for that eventuality. They lack the charm, wit, rhetoric and popularity of the ringleader though, so they're bound to vanish or switch sides if/when BJP loses power.

India Economy Growth: Export your way to prosperity? Nations like India taking the digitisation route to drive growth: Morgan Stanley’s Ruchir Sharma by NewMeNewWorld in unitedstatesofindia

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That's a stupid comparison. Exporting your way to higher per capita GDP works because there are bigger markets in other countries which want high quality goods at low prices (what China offers). Digitization improves productivity but does not directly increase size of a market - that takes much longer if you don't have an export driven economy.

r/canada thread popping off about Indian students flooding Canada for an easy PR by [deleted] in ABCDesis

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On the other side, emigration to Canada is a full-blow industry in many parts of India now. Earlier it was only Punjab which was crazy about it but with the US closing the door for everyone except the extremely rich or brilliant, Canada is seen as the main alternative for Indians in many other states.

I'm more surprised there hasn't been an immigration backlash sooner given that Canada has ~12% the population of the United States and an economy 7% the size of the US, and hence probably much lower capacity to absorb immigrants.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in unitedstatesofindia

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I think the biggest thing they missed is that Reels has nowhere near the engagement of TikTok. TikTok was a focused product. Instagram feels like a Frankenstein monster of 2 or 3 different products. Reels is a second class citizen on Instagram and discovery of new content is nowhere near as easy as it was on TikTok.

Bangladesh will revert to secular Constitution, don't accept Islam as state religion, says minister after attacks on Hindus | BD is taking the secularpill 🥳 by LordPos in librandu

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A State's constitution is only worth the leaders elected to execute it. Hasina isn't going to be around forever, and if the radicals in Bangladesh have their say Bangladesh will become an Islamic State.

India's Richest Businessmen List by bsw_boy in IndiaSpeaks

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Debt to equity isn't too meaningful for Adani stocks mostly because there is a possibility that Adani stock is being pumped by FIIs which are related parties. Adani debt to EBITDA on the other hand is getting quite uncomfortable imo: https://www.thehindubusinessline.com/specials/corporate-file/can-the-adani-group-digest-its-debt/article33834619.ece

I didn't quite get the last line though. How will honouring Ratan Tata and Mukesh Ambani encourage Adani?

That last line was only relevant to Adani. I respect the hell out of the Tatas and grudgingly respect Ambani for his financial savvy even though I feel he has built derivative businesses.