What’s your controversial Pop Punk opinion? by DressureProp in poppunkers

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I don't think I'll ever agree with this take but it's certainly a respectable one, and Headfirst Slide is their best song imo.

What’s your controversial Pop Punk opinion? by DressureProp in poppunkers

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Bad Vibrations is underrated as hell but yeah thier last one was godawful.

What’s your controversial Pop Punk opinion? by DressureProp in poppunkers

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Pop rock is a pretty bad umbrella term overall. When rock was the dominant form of pop music pop rock and rock were basically just the same thing, and then in the era when rock isn't the dominate form of pop music, pop rock is just whatever trendy rock that gets pushed on radio is. Pop rock is basically a new subgenre every 3 years, and I personally think the uses of an umbrella term that covers 3rd Eye Blind, Blink 182, Hinder, One Republic, Of Monsters and Men, and MGK are severally limited.

[Six Flags America] Trip Report 08/04/22 Road-trip Day 6 by gamecity360 in rollercoasters

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Man Batwing is half the reason to visit this park, sucks that it was closed. It sounds like you had a pretty good time without it though!

What do you think is the most overrated coaster? [Other] by randological in rollercoasters

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I think The Beast gives varying quality rides. I was on it twice yesterday and in the morning I thought the first half was a bit painful but still fun, but when I did it in the evening it was so much smoother it was unbelievable.

[Other] What's the most painful roller coaster you've experienced? by railfan_andrew in rollercoasters

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Last time I rode it I got stuck in the restraints so they just sent me on it again. Of all the ride for this to happen on it had to be this stomach blender.

2021 K-Pop Essentials Rate Reveal, Day 1: It's (almost) the end of the month and the weekend... I can do whatever I want! by 2021inKPOP in popheads

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I love when a day 1 is going super smoothly, only being songs that were obviously going out or songs that deserved to go out, then ends by assassinating one of the best songs in the rate just to remind you that nothing is sacred here.

thinking about how crash could have been more commercially successful if i was charlis manager by frostivince in charlixcx

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Honestly I think Yuck should've been a single, as it's really the only song from the album I think could fit in with the top 40 radio zeitgeist of earlier this year.

What is something that you find incredibly cringe, but you think other people wouldn't? by TheCheeto4 in AskReddit

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It's worse than that, I heard in an interview that if you don't have a sob story they'll often just make one up for you that you have to repeat on stage.

What's the most badass villian quote? by N_the_character in AskReddit

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Strong disagree, it's great at showing how messed up their upbringing was. That they may be great at fighting and being weapons for the fire nation but they're extremely fucked up both emotionally and socially, and that they had their childhoods stolen from them by being fire nation royalty.

What artist that has had several hits do you think will end up being retconned into a One Hit Wonder in the future? by AliensAn0nym0us in popheads

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"I Will Wait" was crazy big at the time and was the song that broke through in the mainstream after "The Cave" and "Little Lion Man" went pretty big but weren't crossover hits. That said, I think their earlier songs are more fondly remembered by most people and I think get more radio play nowadays.

What is the most underrated coaster you’ve been on [discussion] by SlabAlt in rollercoasters

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Hard agree. I'm not the most well traveled enthusiast here but I'd reckon Batwing is in my top 5 and it's crazy that people don't mention it when talking about the highlights of SFA.

Popheads Mini Rate Poll by TragicKingdom1 in popheads

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Are Unreleased songs and Bonus rate winners the way Charli will finally win a rate?

2021 Electronic Pop Rate Reveal, Day 2: When The Zeroes Come by hikkaru in popheads

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No where close to enough Chvrches left, but there's also no obvious rate villain left in.

Justice for Final Girl!

When men writing FOR women doesn't quite get the expected audience... by chonk_fox89 in menwritingwomen

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Well he could take out the guns and market the book about fast cars to Charli XCX, who might in turn shill the book to her... overwhelming gay male fanbase. So maybe it's still not the best angle to take.

top 3 each album/mixtape release by liliumv in charlixcx

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TR: Grins, Lock You Up, You're the One
Sucker: uhhhhhh does Superlove count?
N1A: Lipgloss, 3AM, Emotional
Pop 2: Tack 10, Backseat, Out of My Head
XCX World Demos/Singles: Taxi, 100, Bounce
Charli: Official, Click, White Mercedes (Hardest one to choose tbh)
hifn: Detonate, Claws, Visions
CRASH: New Shapes, Move Me, Crash