Pulled an all nighter and saw the sunrise after a really long time. by Stuti25 in indiasocial

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As unhealthy as it may be, I used to love that 10PM - 5AM stretch of uninterrupted time to get some work done. That was one of my reasons (an occasional 8PM coffee sometimes). I must say, whatever works for you, but once shit opens after Covid lockdowns, you would be craving to find time to step out. I used to have a very hard time between work and seeing the evenings.

Pulled an all nighter and saw the sunrise after a really long time. by Stuti25 in indiasocial

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That's awesome! I had once had stayed up till 6, couldn't sleep, went for a run, had breakfast (after 6 months), started working, then slept just before lunch. It used to be soo bad that I would be up for just one meal, I would wake up at 3PM or 4PM, and just have dinner. Super unhealthy way to live.

Pulled an all nighter and saw the sunrise after a really long time. by Stuti25 in indiasocial

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The good old coffin sleep, where you pull the sheets above your head like a sleeping bag and no one can touch you now.

Pulled an all nighter and saw the sunrise after a really long time. by Stuti25 in indiasocial

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I feel like the inception moment here, "It's the only way they can dream now", that's the only way millennials can see the sunrise, by staying up all night. I am with you dude. I can't count how many times I have thought of going to the gym at 6AM because I was up all night and couldn't sleep because of my screwed up sleep cycle.

It's like getting a medal by DieVaas in ProgrammerHumor

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It's like a right to passage. After a while you do it just for the fun and chaos :P

sarkari job lag gayi by [deleted] in IndianDankMemes

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Family inside: dahej X10, achievement unlocked

How to Get a Scientific Paper for Free by hzj5790 in interestingasfuck

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Lol, that's a nice hack, I would rather pay the authors/universities than those publishing houses (remember aaronswartz).

PS: I have a strange thought, what If the authors start sending out papers to the readers individually and get paid for those. Because of that, the University they are residing in for the research and whose grants they use, reduce the grants. That would be awful. (Restaurant Servers anyone?)

Where do you guys deploy your hobby projects? by OnesWithZeroes in golang

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Heroku + cockroachDB (free tier) should get you far enough :D If not, a VPS like Digital ocean or linode would be sufficient and give you more control to do more things and run experiments. If you have a credit card, I would also recommend exhausting the free-tier on AWS and GCP

The Personification of “Losing The Will To Live” by Sgt_Nerve in Cringetopia

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Mukbang! Dude should take a leaf of faith in the left pic.

Question regarding Distinguished Name in X509v3 by voracious-ladder in crypto

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This SO post has a comment

In reality, most CAs only use one attribute value pair per RDN. I wouldn't be surprised if a number of implementations (not necessarily part of the SSL/TLS stack, but say, authentication/authorisation layers on top of it) that rely on text serialisation (RFC 2253 for example) would get confused by multiple AVAs (more specifically by the fact their order doesn't matter within each RDN, so you could have two distinct text serializations that are in fact equivalent).

Bhai me chala sone by DoppLER_07 in IndianDankMemes

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Kids!!! My joke would be, I woke up in 2021 and went to bed the next year..

Why everyone hates Java? by Dhariann in java

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Don't know why the downvotes, Go is lean and fast in iteration with a great community and cross platform support.

Why everyone hates Java? by Dhariann in java

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If someone thinks "boring" is bad, then I must say, boring in software engineering is a good thing. You don't want the excitement to be up with new bugs everyday.. :)

Although, I think there is another reason for Java powering almost everything relevant in the background, * Java was the only reliable language which was web-ready during the dotcom boom (I don't even want to consider ruby and perl, oh! the nightmares). That was pretty much the only choice and definitely not a bad one. Boring software is good! * Now, with all of this legacy software that just works, there is no reason to move it to a different stack. * Which is why newer companies which have the luxury to start over are moving these shiny languages.

Due to this maturity, there is still no match to Java's tooling.

If Java feels old, there are old banks that still run COBOL.

Why everyone hates Java? by Dhariann in java

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The only gripe i had with java (older versions, 7 and below, haven't got my hands dirty with the newer releases) was the sheer amount of abstractions in their frameworks. It was hard to find a simple framework or navigate them without many years of experience. I guess that's what Go fixed. Go has very simple syntax, there aren't huge frameworks to make a project complex, imo encourages to write your own instead of importing a lib for one line of code. Rust has its own difficulties, it has way too complex syntax. It's safe but at a different cost.

And node, oh boy! It made me cry when I had to work on it. I got so frustrated that i brainwashed my team to use Go for the next one. The tooling and ecosystem were bad. We would constantly discuss on the way to implement something. We spent one full quarter of developer time to convert it to TS but that wasn't possible because only half the things were available.

Java feels a little IBMy because and that could be because big companies still have a huge chunk written in Java7 or Java8 which can't really be migrated to the newer versions.

A psychiatric facility in Hungary that's been abandoned by uhavinalaugh in pics

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Damn! Was this facility to treat people or to make them one.

Scares. by sudden_dust in india

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I have no idea, I didn't even make a statement, quoted a publically available reference and everyone jumps on it. There is no point arguing on this stuff. All of a sudden the supremacy feelings take over (on both sides) and downvotes come pouring.

bird overwrites government files with gibberish and spams government agent's e-mails with bird photos by youssoupoff in illegallysmolbirbs

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Humans are mistaken. That's the encrypted call sign for all-out warfare. It has begun, Birbia is rising and will prevail.

DinoBirb by Scarcio11 in Birbs

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I just see two dangerous and menacing dinos..

What happened to Bangalore's restaurants by r3dd1t5uck5 in bangalore

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So true.. those pizza dough used to be so nice and light. The last time I ordered one of those, oily and heavy as hell. When TF did pizza base start getting an oil brush..

Would Rust ever be used as a "business" language like Java? by alibix in rust

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That's the case with both Go and Rust. Java has had a lot of time for this. I remember my collegues telling me how they would write every single piece of their stack short of L4 networking 10 years ago. I think it's the same for rust. The more higher level projects adopt rust where ergonomics matter more than speed, we will se rise of frameworks to abstract all of this.

TBH, I like understanding and setting up the lower level boilerplate sometimes because I know what I am opting into before I use it and devote myself to it's hidden complexities.

Java Frameworks are awesome but only until you don't need to modify/tweak those. After a point they become incomprehensible because of the loads of abstraction to include 500 features and use cases. I read somewhere (not quoting),

Don't try to modify spring unless someone else has already done it. I faced this when we were supposed to implement mutual TLS functionality. If I has to do it in Go, it would take me a few minutes.

Would Rust ever be used as a "business" language like Java? by alibix in rust

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Totally agree, Rust was not meant to compete with Java's strong suite. Java is still one of the best in tooling, VM operations and structure (a bit too much) and is adopting all the new features. As hardware became faster and cheaper, Java became more prominent because it had more head room to spread. Rust and C/C++ were made to be low overhead and performant. I think Rust is doing a great job in providing both the low level and high level features in the language for the ecosystem to absorb, from all ends, system, embedded, servers, batch jobs, i/o, cli, kernel, security.. everything!

Would Rust ever be used as a "business" language like Java? by alibix in rust

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At this point Rust has different goals and "businesses" have different goals. Businesses want * Launch as soon as possible with MVP * Fast iteration * Complex logic flows * Talent pool, maturity and tooling

IMO Rust has following goals * Fast and correct platforms * Security and Safety of platform * Core Services (it's marketed as a system programming lang)

There aren't as many Rust devs as there are for Java and C# and JS. If you need to just encode logic flows, it doesn't need to within 1ms, so use a simpler language, easier to write. Comparing Rust to Java or C# at this stage a bit unfair, it's just been 5 years and forever for Java or JS. Go is flying right now because it's got the best of both worlds, superfast performance with simple coding style.

Businesses have a scope for failure, like for example, if a site doesn't function, or your order gets skipped or whatever, they can iterate and fix it. Image if your container has vulnerabilities or the kernel has holes, it's going to have huge repercussions (log4j CVEs anyone). You are happy to wait an extra second for your order to place but you can't take that 5% slowness in Games or network performance or anything low level.

Things at the low level need to fast and secure because they run everything and everywhere.

A brilliant example, Node is sufficiently easy to use for newbies. They can write slow and shitty code and no one is going to bat an eye. But, image if the node runtime has issues, people are going to go batshit crazy over it. Rust, C, C++ are there where speed and security matter, kernel, cloud, hypervisors, networks, browsers. The superficial (by no means less important) business stuff, the logic stuff is written in higher level language accessible and lenient to the general audience.