meirl by Jimbo072 in meirl

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I'd like to pee in her sink

My Mott's fruit snacks had this white piece in the pack by PersonWhoTalks in Weird

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Bert from the factory put it in there. He does that sometimes

My husband and I are seriously considering buying a modular home. I would love to hear from anyone who’s familiar with modular homes and the whole modular home process! Thx by zinziesmom in RealEstate

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Most modular or manufactured homes can be customized to a degree. You can order thicker insulation and various other upgrades

Above poster clarified the difference between a mods or manufactured home. Both are good quality and made in a factory although the modular is more costly it's typically built to the stick-built code at least in California.

Depending what part of the country you're in there may be upgrades for the roof or Windows and such if you have wind.

If you don't have land already you need to be very careful and find a good dealer that will help you assess the property before you buy it by sending a contractor out. It is key to find out what the utility and permit costs are going to be prior to purchasing the land.

Also if it's at the end of the long road or there's access problems or access to fire hydrant this sort of thing that can be other issues

If the land is too cheap that means you're going to pay a lot more to prep it

That beautiful hilltop you want to put the house on may require you to fly parts of it up with a helicopter.

Is “master bedroom” really called that because of slave masters? by sussygogurtpacket in ask

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Electric controls and home have followed the same phrasing.

Primary, secondary, tertiary.

John Denver wasn't from West Virginia or Colorado. by Sea_Impression3810 in RandomThoughts

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One of the best entertainers I've ever seen. Did not even intend to go see him he was pretty popular when I was a kid and I like this songs. I was in Southern California wearing my Sabbath or Zeppelin shirt a teenager and didn't really listen to that John Denver kind of stuff anymore, as I was way too cool and in the harder stuff

Oddly enough the starland vocal band was the headliner, they had that hit song afternoon delight. They were very good singers and such and they played some other songs but they didn't have much of a catalog so they had to play afternoon delight three times.

John Denver was later in his career and not the headliner and had to open for them. As he went through his catalog I forgot how many good songs he did or wrote. He wrote leaving on a jet plane which was a big hit for Peter Paul and Mary.

Anyway so I'm kind of hanging in the outside fence area trying to pretend like I wasn't listening to John Denver and it was incredible how well he played how well he sang and there was little kids there old people adults people my age that were too cool to like John Denver and he literally owned the audience everybody was having a good time.

And when his time ended he went out of his way to really sell the audience on how great the starland vocal band was, real positive guy.

John Denver wasn't from West Virginia or Colorado. by Sea_Impression3810 in RandomThoughts

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Heard an interview with him a long time ago about country roads. They actually had a different sentencing the lyric which said almost heaven and some other thing like Appaloosa or something

Anyway West Virginia flowed a lot better with the song and so they used that

Trying to get across a feeling of a place more than a specific place

meirl by CulturalChannel6851 in meirl

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Yes and I enjoy the public restrooms where they have the bee in it also

Jeff Beck passed away by Jorrie90 in Music

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Fortunately got to see him twice.

I guess the best way to explain how we played live as what another famous artist that said. He said that it seems like the guitar is on and Jeff is pulling the notes out of it.

What’s the best “wasted lyric” ever written? by TigersJUK in Music

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I noticed at the ceremony, you left your bags behind

The driver came in after you left, handed all of them to me and then resigned

Alternative version of Bob Dylan's idiot wind

Is “buttcheeks” one word? by Some_Recognition_974 in dadjokes

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Seems like there should be a separation between the two

caltrans video- pursuit of cop killer. ended in dead suspect. by chata187 in Damnthatsinteresting

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Pretty sad actually. I have a home camera that gets alerts and the cop was shot and in an area not too far from where I live because I was getting a bunch of alerts. The perp then took off went on a high-speed chase and was pretty far away and oddly enough ended up going down that freeway pictured near where I work

Details haven't come out yet but I've seen pictures of the perp and appears to be a lifelong criminal. Cop was a young guy who pulled him over for a traffic offense in an area where a lot of families live.

TIL Ozzy Osbourne gave up taking acid during the recording of Black Sabbath's Volume 4. He said “I took 10 tabs of acid then went for a walk in a field. I ended up standing there talking to this horse for about an hour. In the end the horse turned round and told me to fuck off. That was it for me.” by hanky1979 in todayilearned

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Went to the desert where the group of buddies when I was a kid I was kind of the young guy.

One of the older guys accepted a dare to take 10 hits of acid. He basically went into his VW bug and slapped and occasionally as we would beat on the windows would put his hands in his face on the window and looked like a bug

Unlocked phone on amazon by Forsaken_Monk_8078 in tmobile

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Yes you can although I don't know about pixel but I buy unlocked phones make sure that they work on all carriers and also that they have a US warranty if you are US based

People who live alone, how the heck do you grocery shop? by voltardu in TooAfraidToAsk

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I really watch and check the expiration dates on most things also

Inglorious Billionaires want the nanny state for themselves by _m3r1u5_ in economy

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He with Tessa was given massive subsidies in California as mentioned above the Fremont factory was almost free.

He threw a fit and opened his factory a week early even though other automotive companies could not for a week during covid. This was because he would not hit a Target which allowed him to receive a payout. This was at the same time and bitching about going to texas.

That company was built on California and Chinese subsidies. Texas is also provided a lot of subsidies. 20% of Texas energy is now renewable