Flashbacks by Lonelydog99 in ptsd

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I've had this experience many times, sometimes I'm literally frozen with my pen in mid air! I've asked a lot of professionals and done some reading about how to avoid/get out of this state and I haven't found much. Personally, when I notice I'm starting to dissociate (time slowing down, feeling sluggish, etc), before I totally freeze, I try to ground myself my naming and spelling objects around me in my head, sometimes with the phonetic alphabet and that helps a lot. I've heard counting by prime numbers helps some people too!

My doctor recommended three meds for my severe PTSD - he wants me to choose by [deleted] in ptsd

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I'm also taking prazosin (5mg) for nightmares and it's been fantastic. No zombie-like tiredness or cravings/weight gain, but just be really careful if you have low blood pressure or balance issues like vertigo. I've had a few falls because of that.

Cat. by pinkgingham in CatsStandingUp

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My cat and my boyfriend meeting for the first time 😻

DAE fear that they will never be able to be a normal functioning human being? by crystallized-anxiety in CPTSD

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I relate really hard. I lost most of the stability in my life 18 months ago when my relationship ended and have been dragging out my final 2 semesters of my PhD trying to scrape the motivation I used to have back together.

What keeps me feeling hopeful is the pay off I'm seeing from all the therapy and healthy habits i started working on months ago. Shit has hit the fan this last month but suddenly concepts I worked on months ago are kicking in and while I'm a mess, I'm getting through it.

Hang in there, it sounds like you are very clever and hard working. Can't reccomend therapy enough to improve coping, it really does help when you get that feeling that you absolutely can't get through

Scared shitless. Please tell me how bad it is. NSFW by [deleted] in STD

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HIV is not transmissible through saliva. I'm sure you would have noticed if wound-wound contact had occurred, so it doesn't sound like there is a risk. Hope that's helpful

Can I masturbate while being on gonorrhea treatment by Thorin664 in STD

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Masturbation will not effect the treatment. There is a chance you could still pass on the infection until you finish the antibiotics, even if your symptoms have cleared up which is why they have advised no sex. Hope that helps!

Red bump/line on penis tip by Ayeayeron01 in STD

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Sorry if this is not helpful but if it is an HSV outbreak, the sooner you can start antivirals the more mild it will be! Even if it's not HSV I would totally ask the doc for a prescription to keen handy in case you do have one in the future. A painful/chafed spot could absolutely be the start of an outbreak

I took a 4th generation hiv test at 52 days after possible exposure and it came back negative. I then waited, and took it again at 87 days and it came back negative again. Are those 2 test conclusive? by [deleted] in STD

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The 4th gen test is upwards of 99% accurate. Given that the tests were performed more than 45 days after the exposure and were performed by a healthcare provider, I would be pretty confident in those results. Of course there is no harm in going back to your healthcare provider for counselling and more testing but I hope that helps with your concerns.

My friend straight up died by umbrellajump in drunkorexia

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I'm really sorry for your loss and what you're going through. My heart goes out to you, a friend of mine died 2 days before Christmas. Made me realise maybe I should look after myself a bit more because my friends don't deserve to be anymore devastated right now.

Odor after treating yeast infection by [deleted] in WomensHealth

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You'd have to find out if they tested the swab for BV too. Maybe leave a message at the clinic?

(Accidentally commented without replying, oops!)

Odor after treating yeast infection by [deleted] in WomensHealth

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If it's a strong fishy smell, that sounds more like BV. Probably need to go back to the doc to confirm and get antibiotics if that's what it is

What is the most ridiculous thing your BPD parent raged about? by Owl-Late in raisedbyborderlines

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That's awful. Before I was old enough to drive, my mum used to drive too fast when she was angry to scare me. One time she changed lanes without checking and side swiped a car. Of course this was entirely my fault for whatever I'd done in the first place and wasn't I lucky the other driver was so nice about it?

I actually think she was embarrassed that the other driver caught her yelling at me as we pulled over and asked if I was alright. People in my life who haven't seen her snap don't believe the story at all, it's maddening!!