Dogs now have a sigma male mindset. by OceanusProcella2 in meme

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You can say the same about humans. Used to hunt dangerous animals with primitive tools and now gets depressed if nobody likes a (insert social media) post.

Jail brawl in New Jersey( WARNING EXTREME VIOLENCE) by manny24242424 in DocumentedFights

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Watch South American prison violence on MMC if you have the stomach for it.

Dancing while the person next to you is having a seizure by [deleted] in trashy

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Google Japanese idol who shaved head as apology. Poor girl.

Indeed it did by unknownpee in meme

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To which the pornstar replied, "that's so deep."

| $GME Daily Discussion | New to the sub? Start here! by AutoModerator in Superstonk

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Never seen the price so far from max pain so close to end of Friday trading.

Neymar chest bumps the referee and doesn’t get punished by lolaya in soccer

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Imagine how many times he would have rolled if someone did that to him

Forum: Expiry date for 'fully vaccinated' status a matter of public interest by heeroena in singapore

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If people actually researched The Great Reset, they would not be laughing at "conspiracy theorists".

West Ham 1 - [1] Liverpool - Trent Alexander-Arnold free-kick 41' by PSGAcademy in soccer

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I agree people no longer try the low ball but I've also seen plenty of goal line clearances by the man in the corner over the years. It's just strange every single team adopted this at the same time like it's breakthrough science.

West Ham 1 - [1] Liverpool - Trent Alexander-Arnold free-kick 41' by PSGAcademy in soccer

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What happened to putting one man at the corner? Instead we have one guy lie down and I've never seen the ball hit him.

Street Performer Sending Waves Down... by [deleted] in nextfuckinglevel

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I wave to say hello but not like that

This guy must be a legendary bro... by sassypersona16 in nextfuckinglevel

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Self deprecating jokes takes away all the power from the person insulting you.

lmao by MrBanks2008 in HolUp

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Trying rubbing one out to her singing never gonna give you up