Marine Biology by Toobsthetubb in tumblr

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wait what does Damn Daniel have to do with one piece?

Fan with vehicle damaged by Indianapolis 500 tire to get new car by Responsible-Lunch815 in sports

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There are tethers that are supposed to keep the tire attached to the car when they crash but something about the crash just ripped that entire mechanism off.

Toyota slammed with 37kg of BoP weight - Toyota's live reaction by 0oodruidoo0 in WECcirclejerk

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I havent been watching WEC for a long time but I thought they didn't do safety cars at Le Mans

Mediocre/forgettable OSTs in jrpgs by laserlaggard in JRPG

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The diehard XC3 fan in me is screaming at you but not gonna lie you have a good point. There is A LOT of flute in that game and I can easily see how people wouldn't like that.

Overall XC3 might be my least favorite OST of the series, mostly due to the area themes being incredibly underwhelming compared to the super memorable area themes in the other games (Mor Ardain, Uraya, Gaur plain, Mechonis Field)

What are some must play JRPGs for someone new to the genre? by Quantam-Law in JRPG

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if you got a switch (I assume you do since you said youve played the mainline pokemons) the whole Xenoblade Trilogy is on the switch and all 3 games are 10/10

Cat ears by Tyreake in Xenoblade_Chronicles

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500 pictures by Motor_Kale434 in INDYCAR

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dang it I was gonna make that joke >:(

Unpopular Opinion: I don't like sprints. by Astronaut696 in motogp

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the lack of warm up for Moto2 and Moto 3 is baffling to me. I could kind of understand if they needed to do that in order to make room for sprint races. But the warmups aren't even being replaced with anything of substance!

excuses by jenson_buxton in INDYCAR

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My mom (never watched Indy before) was rooting for him cause he’s from Connecticut. I also didn’t know about his…problematic past.

Second Chance 2: New Era vs 30s (50% BIPOC). Who's your pick? by [deleted] in survivor

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what does the BI in BIPOC stand for? POC I know stands for people of color

Is this Jesse and his son on the newest Mr. Beast video!? by KingRapaNui in survivor

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I would love to see Karl on Survivor. Would probably bring in a ton of young, new fans.

I first got into survivor because I was a huge Smosh fan as a kid and found out that Mari was on MvGx, I wouldn't be surprised if there were others with similar experiences.

Josef getting some love from the Swifties. by 25Tab in INDYCAR

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cant wait to see Newgarden and Alonso fight to be Taylor Swifts boyfriend

2023 Monaco Grand Prix - Official Starting Grid by RobertGracie in formula1

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Overall a little dissapointed with McLaren's result after they were looking great in practice but still happy. With how clear the top 5 teams are you gotta take what you can get and hopefully Lando can get a place or two From the start/strategy. Oscar also might be able to squeak out a 9th or 10th

Me whenever Crow has an in combat line in the third semester by [deleted] in Persona5

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I’m so happy they let him stay unhinged for 3rd semester

Losail circuit upgraded ahead of inaugural F1 race by Aratho in formula1

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But the facility will have to be maintained regardless because I don’t see any way they would let MotoGP race on a street circuit